'Survivor: One World' Best Tweets: 'It's Gonna Be Chaos'
'Survivor: One World' Best Tweets: 'It's Gonna Be Chaos'

What did I just witness? Why did Tarzan or Christina not go home? I thought this season was destined for another Pagoning? Maybe the main alliance of Kim, Chelsea and Sabrina thought that it was better to get rid of Kat now rather than later? Is Tarzan playing a good game? Is he playing the crazy game that everyone wanted Philip in Redemption Island to play? If Tarzan speaks eloquently and talks about how it was his strategy to appear crazy to everyone during the final tribal, he has to win right? I would vote for him! Here are the top 10 tweets for this week's episode: 

#10. @Kittenswag24: Blindsides are not funny, and I feel so devastated. I put so much heart into the game. My life has been changed forever.

- As much as you hate the people playing the game, you still have to feel some remorse when they break down. If she plays again, maybe next time Kat can use her brain. 

#9. @Loudphillips: I'm a sap. Survivor family episode always gets me. But it reminds me of our military who spend real time away from their families. Respect.

- LDP coming out of the woodwork to appreciate the loved ones episode! I never know where to stand with this episode or the Survivor Auction. It always depends on what transpires I guess. It feels as if this loved one challenge had a huge impact on who was sent home.  

#8. @Truedorktimes: Just think of how interesting strategies could become if more game decisions were made with getting drunk in mind.

- So Kat based her two reward selections on people she wanted to drink with... Do people realize why I have a problem with some of the people they cast to be on the show now? It is time to move away from the kids who have no idea how to play the game, to the adults who want to win it!

#7. @Olsensurvivor: I love endurance challenges, but it seems like only two people ever hang on till their bodies give out. Now they just quit.

- Survivor needs more endurance challenges. These show who really has their heart in the game.  

#6. @Eorlins: Why aren't the girls even skinny? 8 days left, I was a skeleton.  

- The people I was watching with were thinking the same thing. Did Alicia, Kat and Christina gain weight?

#5. @Eorlins: Not to be mean, but Kim's mustache is looking really rough right now. 

- Have to stick with Eliza with these quotes. What about Kim's eyebrows? Those things are crazy right now!

#4. @Canteenshop60: The winner of Survivor will be Tarzan. Those women don't see him as a threat and that will be their undoing.

- I will be happy with either a Kim, Chelsea, Sabrina or Tarzan win. That is all. 

#3. @Becky_lees: One of the most entertaining tribal council's yet! So glad Kat is gone!
- Well, hopefully some real gameplay can come in now! 

#2. @Spencer_duhm: Kat may not have done much right in Samoa, but those final words were pure *GOLD* Survivor John Carroll approves.

- Looking back on her experience, I feel as if Kat will learn a lot from her time out there. Hopefully she starts acting like a 22 year old and not a 14 year old. 

#1. @Nit3runn3r: Blindsides are always fun and exciting... 

- Yes they are Kat, yes they are. I feel like Kat was similar to a bad D3 college football team thrown up against the New England Patriots. She was completely overmatched in every aspect of this game. She had no business being out there. 

Wes Dorne
Fan Columnist

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