'Survivor: One World' Best Tweets: 'Never Say Die'
'Survivor: One World' Best Tweets: 'Never Say Die'
 Troyzan finally got voted out. Oh well, his machismo was getting to me anyway. If he had not used the idol when Jay got voted out and had been a little humble and nice around camp, he possibly could have stuck around a couple more tribal councils.
Was anyone else disturbed by the pig scene? I thoroughly enjoyed the pig killing episode during Survivor Australia, but this one seemed too much. These contestants it seems  have been fed every day, and the pig wasn't harming them. Just leave the guy alone! And why aren't people upset with the way Tarzan is voting? He basically flipped sides the same way that Cochran did last season but he isn't getting nearly as much backlash. Here are the top 10 tweets for this week's episode: 

#10. @Troy_Zan: Sorry guys....I tried my very very Best...just feeling extremely sad at the moment..Hope you understand. Difficult to put into words.

- Can't ask for much more out of a contestant. Hate Troy for how he acted, but don't hate him for his passion for the game. We could use more contestants like him. 

#9. @Raymitheminx: Love how Kat's roots are growing in and eyebrows getting darker on Survivor also, unravelling. Gorgeous cute mess.

- Fix the teeth then maybe we will have something.  

#8. @Debnicolina: Run piggy run! What did the pig do to deserve getting stuck on an island with these nitwits?

- Don't think anyone was rooting for them to catch the pig. I was actually hoping that the pig would destroy the camp.  

#7. @Erin_Brown: Kat is one of the densest players in recent seasons. Combine that w/her immaturity & whiny attitude... I want her gone! 

- She is possibly the densest to EVER play this game. Not one strategic thought in her head. 

#6. @Jtar2: Watching Survivor, oiled up Chelsea made my night:  

- Chelsea instantly joined the Survivor Oil All Stars tonight. She joined Parvati, Amanda, Danielle and Candice. Rupert is not in this group.

#5. @Honnydipp: The comment Alicia made about her special Ed students and their IQ was SICK I feel for any child who has this hag as a mentor.

- Alicia really reminds me of Naonka. Just without the whole pushing an amputee and quitting the game part. I would never want either of them teaching a child of mine. 

#4. @Realityblurred: Awesome work on the part of Survivor's art department on those dolls (the eyes! the skeletons!), even if they did freak out.

- It made up for the lack of creativity with the challenges. Though I am a huge fan of the oil sliding!

#3. @Boxhounds: I still can't figure out why Sabrina said that to Christina. Christina is smarter than that, once you hear your name tossed out... 

- It doesn't make sense for either player. Sabrina shouldn't have been that stupid to convince Christina it was ok for people to vote for her. Couldn't they have just thrown a couple votes at Tarzan? Also, why would Christina agree to be a two to three vote sacrificial lamb? You never know what is going to happen at Tribal Council.  

#2. @Meehand: A lot of splitting votes this season.

- I have to give Kim and Co. credit. They have effectively voted out all the men at the right time and prevented against getting screwed by an idol. 

#1  @Seantkeith: Can we base selection next season more on IQ. Last season it was weekly prayer and this one are too stupid to play. 

- How about 20 real fans who want to win?   

Wes Dorne
Fan Columnist

(Image courtesy of CBS)