'Survivor: One World' Best Tweets: 'The Beauty in a Merge'
'Survivor: One World' Best Tweets: 'The Beauty in a Merge'
What an outstanding episode! This was probably the best one of the season. Hell, it may have been the best one of the last two seasons. We had some good arguments between Jonas and Tarzan, actual strategizing among numerous players, Troyzan getting his Terri Deitz run started, and people like Jay and Michael starting to plan ahead. As much as I enjoyed it, I believe all the viewers did as well. Here are the top 10 tweets about this week's episode: 

#10. @Silllx: Survivor tonight, although I hate Colton, I'm gonna miss his stupid remarks and everything. 

- The only Colton tweet tonight. (I promise.) Colton was the only one that brought animosity, conflict, and entertainment to the mostly boring first half of the season. In the first episode after his evacuation, actual gameplay came out of the remaining players. That is a good thing. 

#9. @MercenaryMaddox: What did Jonas exactly do????Not that I'm complaining. As long as Kat, Chelsea and Jay aren't on the chopping block. 

- He was the biggest threat from the other tribe. Plus he was in the men's tribe, so Kim and Chelsea wanted to prevent the men from gaining control. 

#8. @Survivorshannon: Wow Tarzan and Jonas you picked to work on your puZzle!? Guess it goes with the dumb choice of sending a midget to do a grown man's job! 

- Why didn't Michael go first under the log? He would have made the biggest hole and everyone could have just slid right in. (That's what she said!)

#7. @Satchel209: Who the eff is Chelsea on Survivor? They've never shown her before.

- Oh they have! So hot. Top 5 of all time? 

#6. @Bareease: Doing laundry helped get me one more day on Survivor

- Big difference between washing Coach's undies and Tarzan's speedo. I don't actually think laundry saved Edna. It was probably that Cochran wasn't in your alliance of 6 that did him in. 

#5. @Jeffprobst: Kim is playing this game for real - the women have a chance to get the advantage if they guys don't wake up.

- Kim and Troyzan are in full command of this game.  It is safe to say that one of these two will win this game unless something drastic happens. 

#4. @Spicypants: Troyzan, SCHA-ZAM! You are on fire! Love it! Wow!

-  I forsee Troyzan winning a lot of challenges and starting to gain a lot of momentum the rest of the way in this game. I feel like he is about to go on a Terry Deitz/Colby Donaldson like immunity run. 

#3. @Murtzjaffer: Tarzan is some of the best casting I have ever seen on the show. I don't know who found him, but they deserve a raise. 

- I think what they have with Tarzan this season is what they envisioned with Dan from Nicaragua - a rich successful cantankerous old man.  

#2. @Meehand: "Good luck with that food situation." --Jonas  

- Jonas seemed like a really nice guy. Too bad he is gone. He was starting to get this "don't screw with me attitude." Based on how Tarzan acted after Jonas was voted off, you got to think that the remaining players are going to want to keep him around till the end.  

#1. @Eorlins: J-o-n-o-u-s. SeriouslyKat? You legit cannot spell.

- I think some of them do it on purpose. Maybe not Philip with Francesqua, but most of them purposely spell them wrong. 

Wes Dorne
Fan Columnist

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