'Survivor: One World' Best Tweets: 'Thanks for the Souvenir'
'Survivor: One World' Best Tweets: 'Thanks for the Souvenir'
Regardless of what you think about Colton, he brought a lot of entertainment and conflict to this game.  As awful as he was sometimes, I felt like he had redeeming qualities. Alicia, on the other hand, is a wretched human. As we struggle to understand how Tarzan could be a plastic surgeon, we also have to wonder who would allow Alicia to teach special ed. She has my vote for one of the worst people of all time. Let's see what others have to say about her and about Colton's medical evacuation. Here are the top ten tweets about the episode "Thanks for the Souvenir." 

#10. @Coachchrismoore: Crack up every time I see Leif in that box. Thank God Colton is gone. Hope he is ok though.

- How big of an advantage is that? That box is definitely the best shelter anyone has ever had in the game. 

#9. @__Misskriss: Why hasn't Jonas the sushi man made any sushi dinners yet?

- Maybe he actually isn't a sushi chef? That could be one of the bigger twists of the game. Maybe he is a conniving corporate lawyer or just afraid to admit he is a lawyer. Like Willard from Palau. But instead of claiming to be a postman he claims to be an untalented sushi chef. 

#8. @Peloquin00: No more Colton, this show just became 300% more watchable.
 Disagree. This season just became 300% less likeable. 

#7. @Truedorktimes: As much as I loathed Colton's gameplay, nobody deserves to be medevaced. Still, not excited for a return appearance, either.

- His gameplay sucked, but he was great TV. You can't argue that. People tune in to see game play, fighting, and drama. Colton provided all that. 

#6. @Realityblurred: This is the most disappointing medical evac in the history of Survivor.
They all are. It seems that a lot of them happen right before the merge. Michael in Australia, Russell Swan in Samoa, and now Colton in Samoa 4. 

#5. @Tulipandthelma: I hope people treat Colton and Alicia like total sh*t when they get home. How can people be so mean? 

- I don't wish hate on people, but hopefully the students' parents whom Alicia teaches gang up and get her fired. 

#4. @Maybezackparker: I honestly think that Kat thinks she is gonna catch appendicitis.

- Kat is truly one of the stupidest people I have ever seen on this show. At this point, there's no way she's playing dumb or getting an unfair editing job. There is no faking that amount of stupidity. 

#3. @Rebstevensen: I heard that when they operated on Colton for appendicitis, they discovered he had NO HEART.

- No heart, but a passion for Survivor. Too bad because he was one of the only watchable people this season. 

#2. @Jennafischer: I've never thought someone earned appendicitis until Colton. It was his body's only way to process all his hate and bile.

- If Pam hates on you, then you know you are a terrible person. 

#1. @Coltoncumbie: And that ladies and gentlemen is a "karmatic" million dollar stomach ache. NOOO:( 

- I have no idea what I am going to do for the rest of the season's tweets columns! 70% of the tweets always relate to Colton. 

Wes Dorne
Fan Columnist

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