'Survivor: One World' Best Tweets: 'Two Tribes, One Camp, No Rules'
'Survivor: One World' Best Tweets: 'Two Tribes, One Camp, No Rules'
Who would have thought after 23 seasons we would have a Survivor first: the fastest ever evacuation from the game.  Poor Kourtney Moon. I'm sure she was really looking forward to being on the show. Maybe it was a saving grace since she didn't have to suffer being the first one to have her torch snuffed. This episode had a lot to offer: The Tarzan battle, fighting over fire and chickens, and the battle royale between Christina and Alicia at tribal. Here are the top 10 tweets about this week's episode: 

#10. @Jeffvarner: Tarzan and Troyzan??? Really? I'd vote them both off just for their self-adhered labels.

- I think that contrived rivalry was over before it even began. But yeah seriously, Tarzan??

#9. @copperfoxx: Wow. Women were pitiful this epi of Survivor. Next epi - Men build an iHop and women finally boil water.

- Couldn't agree more. The women need to shape up fast or their tribe will be decimated.

#8. @stevebenaquist: With those bruises Nina looks less like an ex-LAPD officer and more like Rodney King : (

- Well at least she didn't break her wrist. 

#7. @Robcesternino: For the record, anyone who questions the decision the men made I suspect may have recently gone headfirst into the cargo net.

- There was no question what the men were going to choose.  Had they played and lost, it would have been one of the worst decisions of all time. 

#6. @Eorlins: What does "ambiance" mean? Seriously? Well, at least she has a nice body...

- Yeah, that Kat girl isn't the sharpest tool in the shed. What a knucklehead. 

#5. @DearFranny: If you want to look stupid on tv, chase a chicken.

- Made everyone but Chelsea look stupid. Chelsea looks like a stud now. 

#4. @Truedorktimes: This is the point at which Probst is rethinking bothering with tribal.
If I have to stomach Alicia for the whole season, I'm rethinking watching the rest of the episodes.

#3. @Merk: Only 1 episode in and I already hate Alicia. 

- Yep. We have to hope that someone plays an idol on her soon. Real soon. 

#2. @Johnmcochran: I really, really like the One World twist. And I think the episode did a great job at introducing a lot of characters.

- So far so good. The twist has already created a lot of drama with the chickens and the fire.

#1 @ russellhantz:   A bunch of girls on one Island as one tribe it's a train wreck lol wish I was there.

- Chalk me up as one of those people who wish you weren't there. We all needed a break from Russell. 

Wes Dorne   
Fan Columnist

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