'Survivor: One World': Are the Women Doomed?
'Survivor: One World': Are the Women Doomed?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
The new season of Survivor is off to a very bad start for one tribe. On One World, it's men vs. women, and after two episodes, the men have completely dominated the game.

Salani, the female tribe, has lost every competition and is already down by two people. That normally wouldn't be an insurmountable hurdle, but their group dynamics are just as bad. On day one the younger women (Alicia, Kat, Kim, Chelsea and Sabrina) formed a solid alliance, and despite the revelation that Kat is dumber and more useless than a third nipple, the alliance held strong anyway at Tribal Council.

Loyalty over intelligence is the first sign on the road to ruin. Keeping a strong, five-person alliance is a great idea, but only if you can make it to the Merge. At this rate, it's very difficult to envision this tribe of aimless, relatively weak women winning any competition against the men. Even though the men are clearly a split tribe (jocks vs. outcasts), they know how to work together in a challenge.

It may be early, but it looks like Survivor: One World could be a repeat of season 10 in Palau where the Ulong tribe got decimated and didn't win a single tribe immunity competition. Even if it's not that bad, the core alliance of five women only has two more sacrificial lambs, and if they send Christina and Monica home, they will then be forced to vote out each other.

This is the obvious problem with their strategy. Clearly the women have watched the last two seasons and discovered that the day one, five-person alliances always make it to the end. But that only works if the tribe is strong enough to win enough group immunity challenges to make it to the Merge with more people. It's also contingent on not totally alienating the rest of your tribe the way these women have.

With just two episodes, I'm ready to declare the female tribe DOA and relatively uninteresting. Kat's an airhead, Kim has no discernable personality, Alicia hates Christina for no good reason, Monica just wants to fly under the radar, Sabrina is the leader solely because she's the loudest, and then there's Chelsea. She actually seems like a smart, tough girl, but she got stuck with a bunch of weak morons in her alliance.

The men of Survivor: One World are a lot more interesting, but until they go to Tribal Council, it's all theoretical. Will Colton truly be the de facto leader of a rebel alliance of misfits (Tarzan, Troyzan, Jonas and Leif) against the Frat Boy Alliance (Michael, Matt, Jay and Bill)? Or will it be a problem that Colton is so damn annoying he made the women go from loving him to hating him in a matter of hours?

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