'Survivor: Nicaragua' Recap: The Biggest Power Move of the Season
'Survivor: Nicaragua' Recap: The Biggest Power Move of the Season
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
This week on Survivor: Nicaragua, everything and everyone gets burned. NaOnka burns her bridges with Brenda and Sash, and the camp burns down, literally. It's a week with the biggest power move of the game.

After King Brenda and Queen Sash (her words, not mine) exerted their power by getting rid of Marty, everyone else becomes suspicious of them. The scheming begins in a big way, led by Holly. She riles up Jane, NaOnka and Benry against Sash and Brenda, and before long NaOnka and Fabio form the strangest alliance ever to team up and blindside Brenda.

The only real hold-out is Chase, who still has loyalty to Brenda, so he tells her the whole plan, but then he also tells NaOnka what he did, thinking she's still with Sash and Brenda. She's not, and NaOnka aligns squarely with Holly and Benry with the goal of getting Brenda, Sash and Chase out.

Reward Challenge

The castaways are divided into two teams and have to get across a stretch of beach using only barrels, plans and rope. Chase, Fabio, NaOnka, Jane and Purple Kelly rock and win a volcano trip while Jeff Probst gets extra snarky with the other team, mocking them for the entire challenge. That's why Probst keeps winning the Emmy for best reality host.

The reward is heavenly, but back at camp, it's Hell. To protect their fire everyone built up a fire place using their chests, but the chests

Immunity Challenge

Everyone has to lean back over a pool and hold a rope to stay up. It's pure physical strength and it comes down to the young bucks Benry and Chase vs. the old Jane. Benry falls, leaving the two North Carolinians. Jane wants to quit, but Jeff and I both yelled at her to stay on and keep fighting, which she did, Chase eventually slipped, and in the greatest moment of triumph I've ever seen, old Jane proves that she is the toughest damn cookie on this island, winning her second individual immunity.

I'm not ashamed to admit that I cheered out loud and applauded when Jane won. Her accent is still a little ridiculous, but what she just did in this immunity challenge was truly astounding, and it's become clear that Marty was 100 percent correct: Jane will win.

Tribal Council

There are plenty of big moves going on. First Chase thinks he can scavenge enough votes to get Benry out because he doesn't like him. That's a non-starter, so Brenda thinks there's a chance Sash will use his immunity idol to save her so they can backdoor NaOnka for turning on the Minority Alliance.

At Tribal Council, the truth comes out and, if you can read between the lines, Brenda all but admits that she was in a solid four-person alliance with Sash, Chase and NaOnka, but NaOnka flipped.

There's a brief moment when it looks like Sash is going to actually use the idol on Brenda, but self-preservation is too strong.

Brenda is voted out.

As Jeff snuffs her torch, she echoes my thoughts: "Ouch." For the second week in a row a major power player gets eliminated. At this rate, I wouldn't be surprised if we have a finale with Dan, Purple Kelly and Fabio. Especially Purple Kelly, because even though she says nothing, she made a random vote against Benry this week to mix things up. Even Sash and Chase voted out Brenda.

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