'Survivor: Nicaragua' Recap: The Blind Leading the Blind
'Survivor: Nicaragua' Recap: The Blind Leading the Blind
Ben Watson
Ben Watson
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Come on Survivor, you're better than this. For the fourth week in a row, Survivor's editing has tipped us off to the castaway going home. Aside from the crazy tribal a few weeks back, there hasn't been much suspense as to whose torch is getting snuffed out. The show is still additively fun to watch, but adding a little suspense would make it all the better.

Idol Drama

I can't believe I'm saying this but, way to go NaOnka! You can't say she didn't earn the idol. This season's most polarizing castaway has the idol and is now, statistically speaking, the most powerful member of La Flor. She continued on with her aggressive rants towards Kelly B. and her leg saying things like "stay away from the fire," she says the most outlandish things, I'm almost becoming numb to her crazy sound bites ... almost. Now that Nay has the idol, Kelly B. and Alina are sitting ducks.

99280_D12186.jpgChase thought he was on to something when he found the third clue to the already discovered idol. Did anyone else think it strange that there was a clue for an idol that was already found? Brenda made a smart move telling Chase about Nay's idol but she was very careful to not tip her hand to Nay. If she didn't have Chase before, she surely has him now hook line and sinker. Brenda is clearly one of the strongest members on La Flor.

The Challenge: Blind Ambition

Once again, immunity is back up for grabs. What's the deal? This is the fourth challenge in a row that has combined the reward with immunity; it's getting old. Especially because it means that after the challenge we get a half hour of deliberating and so far the results have been pretty obvious. (Now after seeing the "next time on" I'm confident we will go back to the two challenge format.)

Heading into the challenge I felt pretty good about Espada's chances. I mean they did do the responsible thing and practice. But in the case of Espada, practice didn't make anything close to perfect. From the moment La Flor agreed to use the MOP I knew the challenge was over. Did you ever for a moment think that Espada would win?

99280_D13720.jpgEspada was an absolute mess out there, and I'm having a real hard time deciding who's to blame. I guess the easy pick would be Tyrone since he was the caller, but watching those blindfolded fools trample around in the mud was incredibly frustrating. As a rule, blindfolded challenges are my favorite Survivor trope, but tonight it was more maddening than funny.
La Flor won the challenge by a long shot, and was able to secure Sears goods as well as immunity. Espada desperately needed to win the challenge, not because they are losing numbers, but because they literally look like they are starving to death out there. It's actually pretty hard to watch the tribe scrounge around looking for washed up shell fish. They could have totally used the tonight's Sears product placement.   

Another Predictable Tribal

Do I need to reevaluate my assessment of Jill? For whatever reason, I've pegged her as one of the strongest, physically and mentally, on Espada. But these last few weeks have caused me to reconsider my Jill love. It is so frustrating to watch Jill let Marty run all over her. Whenever she says to Marty "whatever you say" I want to Puke. Jill knows who the weakest player on the tribe is, and she knows its not Jimmy T. But she seems pretty content in letting Marty do her thinking. Perhaps she isn't thinking clearly because she is so hungry, if that's the case, I forgive her.    

Heading into tribal council there really wasn't any question who was going home. The entire episode focused on Jimmy T.'s annoying and needy quirks. The moment he sang the entire verse to Tom Petty's "American Girl," I knew he was a gonner. Marty cast his wicked spell on everyone in proving to them that voting Jimmy T. off was the right move for the tribe. The only moment I second guessed was when Holly stood up for him, but even then I knew Marty's law would stand.

As predicted, it was Jimmy T,'s time to go. This is the first week I've noticed the booted contestants walking through the grave yard. Pretty symbolic huh? The scenes for next week made me smile when I heard Jeff say those glorious words: "Drop your buffs."

What did y'all think of this week's episode? Was I too hard on it? Did you find it at all suspenseful? Sound off below!


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