'Survivor: Nicaragua' Recap: It Comes Down to Bean Bags
'Survivor: Nicaragua' Recap: It Comes Down to Bean Bags
Ben Watson
Ben Watson
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What a difference a week makes. Earlier this week I posted my power rankings for the Espada and La Flor tribes. One of the comments mentioned that my assessment of La Flor was flawed. After tonight, I completely agree; I was way off! Basically if you took my La Flor Power Rankings and reverse them, then you'll have the most powerful members in the tribe. But my Espada rankings weren't too far off.

When La Flor returned to camp from the now infamous tribal, everyone seemed to feel good about voting off Shannon. It was nice to see them agreeing on something after such an embarrassing tribal council

99280_D10489.jpg Another Lame Challenge

Tonight marks the third week in a row we've had the reward/immunity challenge combo. Is this a thing now? Don't get me wrong, it's exciting when the stakes are so high, but it also means we only get one challenge an episode. Am I reaching too far in guessing that the combined challenges are there so as not to wear out Espada? Anyway, this challenge wasn't anything to write home about. It was basically a glorified bean bag toss.

La Flor made a power move by choosing not to use the MOP for the advantage. La Flor won the challenge, so it's OK they didn't use it.  But am I wrong in thinking the best strategy would be to use the MOP every time so you can get it back quicker. Anyway, Espada was hanging in there with Tyrone's mad bean bag skills but unfortunately he hit a cold spell. Tyrone seemed determined to make up for lost time but he was pulled in favor for Jimmy T. who looked like an anxious kid trying to impress his dad in the big game. ("I have value guys, I have value.")

La Flor owes this win to Benry. Who knew he had such amazing bean bag technique? His come from behind was nothing short of extraordinary as far as Survivor challenges go. The guy was absolutely unstoppable once he got his groove. Thanks to Benry, La Flor won immunity and some much needed food as a reward.

Girls, Interrupted

As I mentioned earlier, I thought Alina and Kelly B. were near the top of the tribe. Boy was I wrong. Nay finally got a chance to unleash all her (unwarranted) aggression towards Kelly B. and her artificial leg. She made true on her promise to take Kelly B. down when she snatched that clue (smashing bananas in the process).

If Kelly B. and Alina don't do something quick they will be going home sooner than I expected. Hopefully they will use the clue they already have to find the idol before Nay does.

99280_D08885.jpgCrazy Marty

Meanwhile back at Espada, Marty had crazy in his eyes as he went around convincing everyone to vote for Jimmy J. This portion was pretty anti-climatic because it seemed very obvious that JJ was going home. Also, Marty told everyone that he had the idol. Well, Jill (in a smart move) told Marty to tell everybody.

A Tranquil Tribal

In the wake of last week's tribal meltdown, Espada served up a pretty tame council. Probst was trying his darndest to strike up some controversy, but no one really took his bait. After some major probing from Probst, Jimmy T. "kept it real" by claiming there are four weak members on the tribe. Probst went down the line asking if each member thought they were weak. Everyone but Jimmy J. thought they were strong competitors.

Marty looked gleeful when Jimmy J. admitted to being a weak player (the man is 67). His plan was coming all together. But what the hell was Marty talking about when he mentioned that the game needs to be accelerated? You've only been out 8 days and your tribe has been to tribal twice! I have a feeling Marty is becoming his own worst enemy. Nothing would make me happier than a Marty blindside.

Anyway, the team though it best to vote Super Bowl champion Jimmy Johnson off the island. If they truly wanted a stronger team then they made the wrong choice. Dan is clearly the weakest physically and Holly is the weakest mentally. Marty saw the "glitter in everyone's eyes" when they looked at Jimmy J. and he knew that if he wanted to be seen as a leader then he needed to take out one of the strongest players, not the weakest. Jimmy J. was not strong physically, but if he stayed long enough, he could have forged some air tight alliances.

99280_D10008b.jpgGo long Jimmy! See you at the reunion.

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