'Survivor Nicaragua' Recap: Double Tribal Council and a Double Cross
'Survivor Nicaragua' Recap: Double Tribal Council and a Double Cross
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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There's a lot of drama on Survivor: Nicaragua because this week it's a double Tribal Council. There are double crosses amd intriguing plans. If you love brilliant strategies that hinge on making sure everyone does what you want, you'll love La Flor. It was the battle of the season's two biggest gamers, and somehow both of them managed to win.

The Double Individual Immunity and Reward Super Mega Challenge

Everything was combined into a single challenge because, no matter what, both tribes are heading to Tribal Council. First each tribe competes against itself for one person to win individual immunity, then the two winners go head-to-head for a great reward: chicken and beef kabobs while listening in to the other team's Tribal Council.

Despite the fact that the old folks have lost almost everything, Holly and Jill manage to claim individual immunity. However, for the fifth time in six weeks, it's La Flor who wins the ultimate prize.

Grandmaster vs. A Master Plan

Grandmaster Marty: Marty tells Fabio that he's a grandmaster in chess, which is a total lie but Fabio believes it because he's as smart as a moss-covered rock. Unfortunately, there's very little damage Marty can do because he's being outplayed and outwitted by Survivor: Nicaragua's real grandmaster, Brenda.

Brenda's Plan: Proving that she's the biggest threat in this game, Brenda concocts a rather brilliant master plan. She knows she has Jane, Sash, Fabio and the two Kellys, but since Jill has the individual imunity, she improvises. Three members of her alliance vote to evict Marty and the other three secretly vote out Kelly Bruno, even though she'll tell Kelly B. that they're splitting and voting out Jane.

It's the ultimate double cross that helps get rid of Marty's hidden immunity idol, keeps Jane, and blindsides the girl with one leg. If it works. It doesn't, but two out of three ain't bad.

La Flor's Tribal Council

Brenda actually succeeds in getting three votes for Marty (from Kelly B. Sash and Jane) and three for Kelly Bruno (from Brenda, Fabio and Kelly Purple), while Jill and Marty strike back and vote for Brenda, realizing just how deadly she is. However, Marty, proving that he's a gambler willing to stand up to Brenda, DOESN'T use his hidden immunity idol.

In the revote after the tie, Kelly B. is eliminated when everyone except Jane votes her out. I'm not sure I understand that move, especially since Marty still has the immunity idol, but this was a very revealing night. Brenda exposed herself to Marty as the true master with everyone else following her lead, but Marty also showed that he doesn't back down from a fight, keeping the idol even when it was clear he was in danger. La Flor is heating up with a true battle of strategic giants.

Espada's Tribal Council

After the fireworks from La Flor, Espada is downright dull. The decision comes down to Dan, who is useless but no threat to win, and Yve, who is perceived as playing a little too hard. The young kids obviously don't care about winning team challenges, because Yve is eliminated by a unanimous vote from the rest of the tribe. It's hard to be sad since Yve hasn't done anything of interest all season.

Next week on Survivor: Nicaragua: Sash tries to get Marty to give him the hidden immunity idol (fat chance, not gay Sash) and Fabio pees in the ocean during a challenge.

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