'Survivor: Nicaragua' Exclusive Interview with Wendy Desmidt-Kohloff
'Survivor: Nicaragua' Exclusive Interview with Wendy Desmidt-Kohloff
Ben Watson
Ben Watson
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Last night on the season premiere of Survivor: Nicaragua, we said goodbye to our favorite goat rancher: Montana's own Wendy Desmidt-Kohloff. She was nice enough to speak with me this afternoon to give me the dish about what went down last night. She also tells me why the heck she mentioned blisters at tribal.

Let's start with the question everyone wants to ask. What did your husband think when he found out you were the first person voted off Survivor: Nicaragua?

Oh, he was devastated. I mean, he was just in shock. I don't think he really thought I was going to be voted off first. I think he was just teasing me.

When you said that your husband said you would be the first person voted off, everyone I was watching with started rooting for you. We wanted you to prove your husband wrong.

Well thanks. You know, it's kind of ironic because I think that if I went there and was myself it would have worked. My husband said "don't talk a lot, don't sing, and don't dance." I'm always critically thinking and rationalizing. So I think if I had gone and been myself people would have got to know me better as a group, and I don't think I would have been voted off. I really don't.

My husband told me that people talk too much, so I didn't think I would tell people I was in the army. I didn't think I should tell people I was a nurse. I thought I should just come in, as the laid back goat farmer and just be a person who helped, is friendly, didn't make any enemies, and didn't try to start any kind of conflicts. But it didn't work out for me, and it was too late to try to interject it when I realized it wasn't working. I couldn't then just sit there and say "oh by the way, I was a nurse" ,or "oh by the way I was in the army." There wasn't a place to put it in; it was too late.

Well you could have told them at tribal instead of telling them about the lack of blisters on your feet.

You know there is a reason I said that, and people don't know why. Eight people on our tribe all were complaining about blisters on their feet. To me, that is a weakness when you are in a challenge and your feet are not in perfect shape.

It just seemed so random that you chose to bring that up as a reason to keep you.

People watching don't understand that people were complaining about blisters. I thought it was a very positive thing to have your feet in tip-top shape advantage, and that I didn't have any blisters on my feet. That is one of the biggest things in the army, if your feet are in bad shape you're going to have problems. I know it sounded funny out there, same with the age thing. I was trying to make a point that I wasn't being asked general questions about myself. Nobody cared to ask me.

I really think people would have been surprised to learn that you served in the military. I know I was surprised when I read your bio.

See, I really feel that if I would have said anything at that point, it would have been worse. Like: "how can we trust that?", or "is that even true?" It looked like I was pulling straws but the public didn't understand why I was saying what I was saying. Which is OK, because it makes the show more entertaining with everyone wondering why I'm talking about blisters?

Well at least you got a fair amount of screen time in your only episode.

You say me, but it's because Jimmy was there. Let's see how much it decreases next week. I would be very interested to see what happens because I know a lot of people, not just in Montana, but in: Colorado, New York,  people in Maine, New Hampshire. Everybody that knows me was watching. People that didn't regularly watch the show watched to see me. I'd be interested to see if they will tune in next week or if it decreases next week. Would that say something for me if it did?

Yeah, it would mean that people were really interested in you, and now they are mad you are gone.

That would be a good thing for me, wouldn't it?

Let's switch gears to tribal. Heading into tribal I was pretty sure it was going to be between you and Jimmy J., and that Jimmy J. would probably be going home. How safe did you feel entering tribal council?

Not at all, I knew it was me. I was told it was me by some of the tribe.

That was nice of them.

Well yeah, that's what I said. I think people should be honest. With Holly, it was clear to me because she stopped talking to me. And then Jane told me it was me. It was made clear by Yve. Yve was really nervous; I could tell she was not very comfortable by the look on her face. She went and said "I'm going to talk to them and see what they want to do." And these people she went to talk to were people who were clearly not very tight with me. She came back totally at peace. I asked her what she found out and she said: "oh nothing different from when I left." So that's why I voted for her. I voted for her because I felt she lied to me. I mean just tell the truth. What's it going to do? Am I going to be able to change nine people's minds?

I was really kind of surprised that Holly didn't put up much of a fight for you. If I remember correctly it was Holly who approached you about entering into an alliance.

What happened was I wanted to have a girl alliance. Yve did not, not at all. And we didn't ask Jill because I kind of didn't have a good feeling about Jill, Marty, and Yve. And Yve came over and we were just tossing around ideas and she's like: "No we need a guy." And she was already in an alliance with Marty which was clear from the beginning. So she wasn't going to do it. So when Holly and I were walking down the beach Jimmy T. came over and said: "Guess what? I've got us an alliance with Jill, Marty and Yve."  

During tribal it seemed that Holly was sticking up for you when she said that she didn't agree with Coach's picks for the weakest in the tribe. Holly's comment made me think that she was going to vote with you

No. Holly, a long time ago, realized that we were screwed. She clearly said to herself 'I'm not going to stick with someone who is not going to be liked by everybody; I need to go find someone else.' So when she said to me that she didn't want to talk to me anymore, I knew I needed to start changing my something. There were people who didn't like Jimmy J. but there were already some of the tribe mates that already worked on him.

Do you feel if your tribe would have used the Medallion of Power you would have won the immunity challenge?

No I don't think so. Our group had a strong feeling that we were not going to be like other tribes on Survivor where there are five people giving orders. We said that whoever is in charge of calling orders, no one can interject. We didn't have a lot of guidance for the puzzle and when somebody tried to do something and they weren't the leader they were told to stop. It didn't work out.

Well thanks Wendy for speaking with me. Before I let you go I have one last question: Now that you are off the show, who will you be rooting for to win Survivor: Nicaragua?

I would love to see Jane Bright win.

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