Survivor: Micronesia - Top 9 Power Rankings, Fans
The more I think about it, the more I dislike Joel's decision to blind side Mikey and Mary Sartain on the last episode of Survivor: Micronesia.  I didn't like it initially either, but now I don't see a good way out for Joel.  Since he aligned himself with the outsiders (the three older people), he has set himself up as a relatively untrustworthy person, and going forward it's going to be difficult for him to go far with either the older or the younger crowd.  The next tribal council for the fans is going to be very important, in that it should set the tone and the alliances for the rest of the season.  Joel made his big power play a little too early in the season. 

#9 - Kathleen Sleckman

Now that she no longer has that immunity idol to fall back on, Kathleen is both the worst challenge player and most annoying member of the Fans' camp.  Her big mouth is going to get her in trouble and unless the older three tribe members pick up two alliance members in the younger crowd (unlikely), Kathleen is the most obvious candidate for elimination.

#8 - Chet Welch

Chet should have been voted off last week following his abysmal performance in the immunity challenge.  Chet seems like a nice enough guy and he might be capable of cobbling together an alliance of five with Joel and one other younger person, but I'd be surprised.

#7 - Joel Anderson

Joel set himself up as a huge target with last week's move.  Mikey will surely be after him.  His younger brethren, even though they went along with his plan, have to be wary of further back stabs.  Joel's not the guy you want to take to the merge – once there, Joel would be a massive physical threat.  Also, he doesn't appear to be the smartest guy in the world.

#6 - Tracy Hughes-Wolf

The smartest and most personable member of the older alliance, Tracy is in a difficult position.  I have to assume that the younger tribe members will soon begin picking off the older three one by one.  If this is the case, then Tracy's hands are tied.  I have faith that she'll do everything she can to save herself.  I'll be rooting for her.

#5 – Mikey Bortone

I flirted with idea of putting up Mikey in the number one slot, but thought better of it.  Maybe next week.  I suspect that last week's events might turn out to be a good thing for Mikey.  He'll learn his lesson not to over-think the game and now, with Mary gone, he'll be much more focused.  Joel has it out for him, however, and it's possible that Joel will soon lead the charge to vote off Mikey.  Whether he'll have the numbers to get this done is the question. 

#1 – Four Way Tie: Natalie Bolton/Erik Reichenbach/Alexis Jones/Jason Siska

These guys have all the power at this point.  They can either go against Joel, the older three, or Mikey.  Regardless of where they decide to go, they'll have the numbers.  I don't see Mikey joining Joel and the three older members of the tribe, so none of these four should sniff elimination any time soon.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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