Survivor: Micronesia - Top 9 Favorites Power Rankings 2.0
I'm going to do something unprecedented.  It's completely insane, a little bit brave, and totally inconsequential.  For the first time in Survivor Power Ranking history, I'm going to take last week's top ranked player and, despite no one being voted off his tribe, move him all the way to the bottom.  First to worst – never been done.  I'm scared of what the ramifications of this might be.  I feel like I'm trying to reinvent the wheel.  Such reckless Power Ranking behavior rarely ends well.  The reason for my drastic change of heart stems from two separate showmances in the Favorites camp.  A Survivor showmance has only worked once (Rob and Amber) and there's a reason – it makes the players lose focus and it generally pisses everybody else off. 

#9 – Ozzy Lusth

So, I had Ozzy at #1 last week, but after his over-the-top make out session with Ms. Kimmel last episode, I have a feeling Ozzy's time on the island is short.  Penner and Cirie were open with their disgust for the PDA and this just gives everyone else another excuse to get rid of a big threat like Ozzy.  If both couples align, which some tribe members assume will happen, the remaining five Favorites have to act fast in order to break that alliance up while they have numbers.  That means the next time they go to tribal council, they'll probably get rid of one of those four.  It'll probably be a toss up between James and Ozzy, but I'm guessing they'll target Ozzy if only because James is more likable.

#8 - Eliza Orlins

Same thing goes as last week – Eliza is annoying and doesn't bring much to the table. She'll be gone soon enough.

#7 - Amanda Kimmel

If my prediction turns out to be true, then once Ozzy is gone I see a distraught Amanda, unable to focus on the game and floundering without an alliance.  Maybe she'll pull it together, but I think she'll just be the odd woman out and the tribe will feel it necessary to expel her from the island.

#6 - Ami Cusack

Ami hasn't had much screen time this season, so I wasn't sure where to put her on the rankings.  #6 seems about right.

#5 - Jonathan Penner

I still believe that Penner will put the old foot squarely in his mouth at some point, betray an alliance unnecessarily, and be voted off.  If he's serious about aligning with Yau-Man, perhaps he'll go fuurther than this, but I think Yau is smarter than that. 

#4 - Cirie Fields

OK, Gina, maybe you're right.  I like Cirie, and she came to play this time around.  She's not going to stir things up and I bet that she floats along for awhile as someone's harmless alliance member.

#3 - Parvati Shallow

Once Ozzy is eliminated, Parvati and James will get the hint – showmances are not welcome.  They'll be smart about it and, while her and James will still be aligned, they'll be quiet about it and reach out to more tribe members.

#2 - Yau-Man Chan 

I have no doubt that Yau will position himself for a deep run in this game.  However, as I've said before, once he gets into the final four or five, he is going to be at a disadvantage in the individual immunity challenges.  Knowing that he'd be a lock in a final jury vote, the others will be forced to vote him off. 

#1 - James Clement

James, like Parvati, will understand the implications when Ozzy is eliminated.  He'll take it easy from there on out and, once he makes it to the merge, he will go on an individual immunity rampage.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of CBS)