Survivor: Micronesia - Top 9 Fans Power Rankings, 2.0
These Survivor Micronesia Fans are really going to make a war out of this, aren't they?  Not that I was one to believe that these Fans would somehow be intimidated by the Favorites – it's just a game, after all.  What has frustrated me about this group of Fans is that a majority of the tribe has been quite boring thus far.  The four tribe members most poised to advance to the merge have gotten little screen time, and have failed to make any impression with that screen time. Since last week focused mostly on the Favorites and their trip to tribal council, these Power Rankings aren't going to be much different from last week. 

#9 – Chet Welsh

The younger people in the Fans tribe seem certain that Chet is their weakest physical link.  Just watching his frail body lumber around in camp should be enough to inspire a campaign to oust the pageant coach. 

#8 – Kathleen Sleckman

Unless CBS has been doing some heavy editing, it seems Kathleen's annoyance level has gone down some since the first episode of the season.  If she keeps getting sent to Exile Island, there's also the possibility that she finds the hidden idol.   But, even with that chance, I don't envision Kathy making it to the merge.

#7 – Tracy Hughes-Wolf

Every time I see Tracy on screen, I like her.  She's smart, competitive, but unfortunately she's aligned with a whole lot of dead weight.  Her best chance moving forward might be to make a deal with Joel.  That way she could acquire numbers and start ridding the Fans' camp of some of its younger members.

#6 – Joel Anderson

Oh Joel, you big lug.  Whenever Joel opens his mouth, I get pissed off.  He's got the irrational arrogance of a middle school bully.  The problem right now in eliminating Joel is obviously the physical presence he brings to the challenges.  However, he wasn't all that impressive during last week's Battle Royale – he certainly was no James Clement.  I hope he goes home soon. 

#5 – Mikey Bortone

Mikey, you can do it.  If it's not one of the older three going home during the Fans next tribal council, it will either be Mikey or Joel.  It has to be.  What Mikey has to do is convince the younger tribe members that Joel is clearly a bigger threat than he is.  This should be easy to do.

#1 – Four Way Tie: Natalie Bolton/Erik Reichenbach/Alexis Jones/Jason Siska

I hate doing this – it feels like such a cop out.  Unfortunately, I still don't feel like I know any of these castaways.  They're all just floating along, letting the five other tribe members duke it out.  I'd be very surprised if any of these four didn't make the merge.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of CBS)