Survivor: Micronesia - Top 8 Favorites Power Rankings 2.0
The Survivor Favorites were poised to go on a run.  They had won four of the past six challenges, they were living well with full stomachs and high spirits, and their dominance had turned the Fans into a depressed and beaten down group of castaways with little remaining confidence.  Unfortunately for the Favorites of Survivor: Micronesia, the tribes are going to be all mixed up on Thursday, rendering all their momentum useless.  Not to worry – all eight of the Favorites are well-equipped for what comes next.  After all, they've done it before.  The sub-plot I'm most interested in come Thursday is whether or not the two showmance couples will be split up.  It'd make the game very interesting if they were. 

#8 – Eliza Orlins

Eliza is generally disliked by her tribe members, or so it seems, and she's the most obvious person to vote off among the favorites.  She's somewhat weak in the challenges and her abrasive personality isn't going to make her friends with any of the Fans. 

#7 – Jonathan Penner

This tribal shake-up is going to give Penner another chance to devise a new game plan.  Out of all the people in the Favorites tribe, I see Penner as the most likely to switch allegiances and join up with some fans.  For instance, let's say he ends up on the same tribe as Cirie.  Wouldn't seem likely that Penner would join the four Fans in his tribe and vote Cirie off, just for spite. 

#6 – Ami Cusack

I don't know.  Ami, as I've continued to state, has received little screen time.  Depending on who she's with in her new tribe, Ami would be able to forge a new alliance or two.  This would be great news for her, since her alliance as it stands right now isn't going anywhere.

#5 – Cirie Fields

The shake-up of the tribes is not a good thing for Cirie.  She had carefully positioned herself as a swing vote in the Favorites camp and now she's going to have to start over.  She should hope that she ends up on a different tribe than Penner for reasons that I stated above.  However, she could find herself in a nice position, seeing as she's accrued some good will from most of her tribe. 

#4 – James Clement

Once James enters the same tribe as the Fans, they will be immediately intimidated.  He'll be seen as an immediate threat and the Fans will do their best to take him out of the game.

#3 – Parvati Shallow

Parvati can always flirt her way further in the game.  If on the same tribe as Penner, she can assume that Jonathan will be after her from the moment they go back to camp.  I just think, with her good relationships with James, Ozzy and Amanda, she'll have enough juice to make it to the merge and possibly beyond.

#2 – Amanda Kimmel

She'll probably be a sitting duck if she doesn't end up on the same tribe as Ozzy.  If she does, then she should feel very confident, because...

#1 – Ozzy Lusth man Ozzy has the immunity idol.  Even though he will be a target, that immunity idol wields a ton of power, especially if he keeps it a secret.  I see the final tribal council in Ozzy's future.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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