Survivor: Micronesia - Top 8 Fans Power Rankings
Survivor: Micronesia has seen a noticeable imbalance in screen time between the tribes.  One argument could be that CBS is showing blatant favoritism towards the Favorites this season for the simple fact that America is more familiar with them.  But, sometimes you dig your own grave.  The Fans on Survivor this season have simply been less entertaining.  That could be a product of editing, but I have faith in the Survivor producers – if something interesting goes down in the Fans camp, then they're going to show it.  This week's Power Rankings are interesting, because we know that the tribes are going to be shaken up on Thursday.  I've kept this in mind. 

#8 - Chet Welch

Chet is weak and was on the edge of giving up last week.  The first time his new tribe loses, he will be voted off.  I have no doubt.  There's no chance an alliance will save him, because he, Tracy and Kathleen will be broken up on Thursday. 

#7 - Kathleen Sleckman

Same deal with Chet.  If she and Chet end up on the same tribe, I don't see that tribe winning many tribes.  However, I don't see them ending up on the same tribe.  She's going home soon.

#6 - Erik Reichenbach

I'm basing this on Erik's changed allegiance last episode and his inane comments during tribal council.  It just shows that Erik blows in the wind and is a bit of a sheep.  He hasn't had much screen time, so we don't have much to go off. 

#5 - Joel Anderson

On one hand, Joel is very strong.  On the other, everyone now knows that he will back stab anyone at the drop of a hat.  He'll probably be on the same tribe as Ozzy or James, and if a smart tribe has the choice, you'll take either of those favorites over Joel. 

#4 - Tracy Hughes-Wolf

Tracy showed off her ability to manipulate last week.  I don't think she'll win this thing, but she's smart enough to last until the merge.  I like Tracy and she'll be the only Fan I'll be rooting for this season.

#3 - Jason Siska

Jason was the only one to stand up for Mikey.  He was the only one who seemed to understand how Survivor should be played.  For this reason alone, I think he'll be smart enough to adapt to whichever new tribe he finds himself in.

#1 - Natalie Bolton/Alexis Jones

This is by default.  These two have seen little screen time, but look like floaters.  I don't see any of the Fans getting too far, but I have a feeling these two ladies will make it to the merge fairly easily, if only because there will be weaker members on each of their tribes. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of CBS)