Survivor: Micronesia - Top 8 Airai Power Rankings
How do I judge this Airai tribe?  At this point on Survivor: Micronesia, with the tribe containing four fans and four favorites, with Penner possibly having to leave because of injury, what should be my basis for power judgment?  Last week, the fans were dumb enough on Malakal to relent to the fans and give up one of their own under the assumption that they were taking out the weakest player (Chet Welch), only to see Cirie Fields cleverly hatch a plan to vote off the Malakal's strongest fan.  Will Airai's fans, like Malakal's, succumb to the will of the favorites when it comes time for tribal council?  The Survivor favorites are too smart to even think about breaking rank, I think, to let one of their own get voted off - the worst they can expect is a tie vote.  But, since there's not much to go on for Airai, most of my rankings are based simply on perceived individual strength.

#8 - Kathleen Sleckman

Remember, she likely would have been gone in week 2 had she not possessed the immunity idol.  Kathleen is weak in the challenges and if the vote came down to making the Airai tribe as strong as possible, she's the obvious one to send home.

#7 - Jonathan Penner

I only place Penner here because of his injury.  I hope he doesn't have to leave the game because of medical reasons, but even if he stays the injury is going to hamper him and the team during challenges.  Let's hope he heals soon. 

#6 - Natalie Bolton

I know nothing about Natalie.  Is she this boring, or has CBS given her a raw deal in editing?  I don't know, but she doesn't appear to have any super strong alliances with her fan brethren, so in the six-hole she goes.

#5 - Eliza Orlins

Her and Penner are working together, and she's strong enough in the challenges to not be voted off for strength purposes.  However, if Eliza makes it to the merge, she could be one of the first ones sent home.  I don't think the double showmance alliance cares for her all that much.

#4 - Alexis Jones

I get a good, solid vibe from Alexis and I'm not sure why.  She and Siska look like they're close and she may be the strongest female on the Airai tribe.  Like Natalie, she hasn't received ample screen time, so I could be missing something.  Let's keep her here for now. 

#3 - Jason Siska

The poverty-stricken version of Ozzy Lusth.  Jason and Alexis could be a formidable combo down the line, but they'll have to make it to the merge with at least a couple of allies in their corner first.  I've liked Jason ever since he stood up for Mikey Bortone during Mikey's fateful tribal council. 

#2 - James Clement

James' only problem right now is being targeted as the huge physical threat that he is.  There is a possibility that Airai pulls a Malakal and tries to eliminate James this week.  I doubt that will happen, because it's only logical to keep your strong players at this point in the game.  He and Parvati also have the huge added benefit of being alliance members with Ozzy the Idol Possessor. 

#1 - Parvati Shallow

Parvati is a flirt, we know this, but she's added a few wrinkles to her game since her initial season.  On Survivor: Micronesia, she's kept her flirting to one person, James.  She won't ever be considered a weak player, so she's safe for now, and she'll never be considered a particularly strong player, so she should be safe once she makes it to the merge.  Parvati's in good shape.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of CBS)