Survivor: Micronesia - Top 7 Malakal Power Rankings
Joel Anderson became a victim of his own aggressive game play last week on Survivor: Micronesia.  He was blind-sided at tribal council (mostly thanks to Cirie), and it made me happy.  His over-playing earlier in the season, in which he opted to keep Chet over better players like Mikey Bortone and Mary Sartain, came back to bite right when he finally targeted Chet.  Unfortunately for Malakal, this will severely weaken their tribe in future challenges.  Chet, one would assume, is the next to go from Malakal, but that's been the assumption for a few weeks and the feeble pageant coach is still (kind of) alive.  If Malakal continues to lose immunity challenges, the four favorites will be able to simply pick off the three remaining fans.  Ozzy, with his hidden immunity idol and showmance Amanda in tow, is in good shape. 

#7 - Chet Welch

I'm surprised that Chet didn't get concussed during that reward challenge last week when he was ruthlessly dragged around by Joel.  I can't remember a weaker challenge player than Chet on Survivor.  He's pretty worthless and his time has to come to an end sooner rather than later.

#6 - Erik Reichenbach

Erik has no backbone.  He has repeatedly shown that he's easily turned and can be convinced to vote any way Tracy asks him to.  He has not once stood up for anything during this season.  If it comes down to him and Tracy, she'll find a way to stick around and get Erik voted off.

#5 - Tracy Hughes-Wolf

No one has played the game as well as Tracy on Survivor: Micronesia.  Her self-preservation has been a joy to watch.  When she played to Joel's pride in order to get Mikey voted off instead of alliance partner Chet, it both pissed me off and impressed the hell out of me.  However, it can't last.  She just doesn't have the numbers.  If she makes the merge, however, look out. 

#4 - Ami Cusack

Ami's just floating, getting along with everybody.  Her and Cirie are going to have to stick together and hope Penner and Eliza make it to the merge with them. 

#3 - Cirie Fields

Cirie's wielded a lot of power in the game.  She's made two big plays so far, including last week's charge to eliminate Joel.  It was a very good forward-thinking move by Cirie, and probably ensures her a spot in the merge. 

#2 - Amanda Kimmel

As long as she's with Ozzy, Amanda is in good shape.  If she and Oz can make it to the merge along with Parvati and James, you could be looking at a very solid alliance of four capable of running the table. 

#1 - Ozzy Lusth

The prohibitive favorite to win it all.  With the hidden idol, Ozzy is a shoe-in to make the merge and from there he could easily pull off a series of individual immunity wins.  The key will be the successful use of his idol.  It's easy to mess up – just look at James last season.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of CBS)