Survivor: Micronesia - Top 7 Airai Power Rankings
I hate it when people get injured on Survivor.  Ever since front-runner (and all around bad ass) Michael passed out into the fire on Survivor: Australia and burned his hands, the out-of-nowhere injury has been my least favorite inevitability of SurvivorJonathan Penner's leg injury that forced him off the show last week is not only a massive disappointment for Jonathan himself, it severely alters the course of the rest of the season.  Airai, previously an even split between Fans and Favorites, is now under the control of the four Fans.  Last week, I thought the Favorites would dominate the rest of the game – the Fans of Airai can stop that from happening. 

#7 - Eliza Orlins

Here's my rationale, both for Eliza and the rest of the rankings: The Fans will be smart enough to keep their numbers and, even though the next time they go to tribal the Favorites will be campaigning for Kathleen to go home, the Fans can accomplish a similar feat (keeping the tribe strong) by eliminating Eliza. 

#6 - Kathleen Sleckman

If the Favorites have their way, Kathleen will be the next to go.  But, with the numbers the way they are, she should be safe for at least one tribal council.  Kathleen has zero chance of winning this game, however. 

#5 - James Clement

James could very well be the next castaway voted off – that's how big Jonathan's departure was.  He's the biggest threat, and if the vote comes down to the Fans wanting to cut off the strongest head of the Favorites, James will be gone.  The question is: will they choose to keep the tribe strong or not?

#4 - Parvati Shallow

Her and James are a joint deal, at least until the merge (but probably then too).  If James is voted off before her, Parvati will flirt her way around camp and try to latch onto a new alliance.  Problem is, she's done this before and no one is going to buy it.

#1 – (3-Way Tie)  Natalie Bolton, Jason Siska, Alexis Jones   

If these three people do not make it to the merge, they did something horribly wrong.    It should be a lay-up at this point.            

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer       
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