Survivor: Micronesia - Top 5 Power Rankings
Two episodes away.  Three hours from our next Survivor winner.  It's sad reaching the end of any Survivor season, but the Fans vs. Favorites experiment has been especially enjoyable to watch, if only for the action of the last three weeks.  The Fans were, of course, less interesting than our Favorites, but that's why the favorites are favorites.  With only five castaways left on Survivor: Micronesia, it figured to be about time for our last power rankings of the season. Before we get there, it must be known that CBS isn't telling anyone whether the final tribal council will be of the three-person variety or the two-person variety.  I prefer two-person tribal councils, but CBS does what it wants.  In terms of the rankings, it shouldn't matter that much. 

#5 - Erik Reichenbach

Erik's only hope is to win every immunity challenge remaining.  He won't, and the first chance the ladies get they'll vote him off. I've grown to like Erik over the past couple of weeks.  At the beginning of the season I despised him for no particular reason (other than his floppy Jovi hair).  I think the turning point was last episode when he geeked out about Jeff Probst in front of his brother.  I enjoyed that.

#4 - Natalie Bolton   

The math is not going to work out for Natalie.  Cirie may be a two-timer, but I can't see her going against her fellow favorites, especially when all that would do is make a tie.  Natalie is going to be on an island by herself once Erik is gone, and anyway – she doesn't deserve to make the final tribal. 

#3 - Cirie Fields

Cirie has played the best game of anyone in the game.  She's been behind the scenes during almost every major decision and has kept herself a non-target.  Unfortunately, she's going against the strong alliance of Parvati and Amanda – neither of those two girls are going to pick Cirie over the other.  Well, perhaps Parvati would if it meant an easy tribal council victory, but I don't think it would. 
#2 - Parvati Shallow

Parvati and Amanda are really close in terms of potential to win.  Parvati, as we saw last episode during the reward challenge, has an inflated sense of her own importance in terms of the game, and I think she paled in comparison to Amanda in the game play.  Runner-up ain't bad.

#1 - Amanda Kimmel

Can we just give her the million for her performance last week?  Her use of the immunity idol, and the acting build-up it took to get there, will go down as one of the great Survivor acts of all-time.  It will give her ample ammo in the final tribal council, which I see her making, and she's simply more generally likable than Cirie or Parvati.  I think this is Amanda's game to lose.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of CBS)