Survivor: Micronesia - Top 5 Malakal Power Rankings
Two weeks in a row, two castaways have left Survivor: Micronesia.  That has to be a a record: four contestants gone in two episodes.  The numbers have quickly dwindled on both tribes, with the Fans taking most of the hits.  As it stands now, overall, the Favorites outnumber the Fans 7 to 4.  With the merge rapidly approaching, this advantage is an important one.  On Malakal, only one fan remains.  And he makes his living as an ice cream scooper.  I wouldn't be too frightened if I were the Favorites.  Anyways, as I'm wont to feel at this point in the Survivor season, I can't wait for the merge to happen, because that's when the real game will start and the Favorites will begin to battle it out with each other.  Until then, here's a look at Malakal's pecking order, according to a Survivor expert: me. 

#5 – Erik Reichenbach

For some reason, my fellow BuddyTV writer Gina Scarpa is a blind Reichenbach apologist.  Gina, I don't care that Erik beat Ozzy in a swim early in the season.  I've known a lot of swim team nerds in my life (though I haven't met any who also scoop ice cream) and being a good swimmer doesn't magically give you backbone or smarts.  Erik has a severe man crush on Ozzy and though that may have saved him last week, it won't the next time Malakal goes to tribal council. 

#4 – Ami Cusack

Ami missed her chance to make a major play last week and attempt to get Ozzy ousted.  Now, she's just going to have to wait for the merge and hope she can hook up with some Airai members and form a new alliance. 

#3 – Cirie Fields

Cirie has a good head on her shoulders and is always looking for ways to shake things up.  If she makes it to the merge (and one would assume she will) look out.  She will aggressively attempt to eliminate stronger players like James Clement and Ozzy.  This aggressiveness, however, will probably be her downfall in the end. 

#2 – Ozzy Lusth

Even though Ozzy has the immunity idol, we have to remember that the correct deployment of an immunity idol rarely occurs.  I have a feeling Ozzy, like James last season, will be too cocky and refuse to play it at some point after the merge and get blind-sided.  He's going to be a huge target after the merge. 

#1 – Amanda Kimmel

She's number one for no other reason than the fact that she's aligned with Ozzy.  And, since she's aligned with Ozzy, she'll only be targeted once Ozzy is voted off – which is something that may never happen.  Of anyone left on this season of Survivor, Amanda is the most likely to make the final tribal council. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of CBS)