Survivor: Micronesia - Reunion Show Live Thoughts
Ah, yes, the Survivor Live Reunion show.  These are the things I watch the reunion show for: to see the excess of make up worn by the women, to see who has gained the most weight since the island, to see who is tense around who.  The word is that Amanda Kimmel and Ozzy Lusth have continued their romance since the season ended.  We will get confirmation, one would assume, on tonight's broadcast.  Maybe we'll even get a wedding proposal (I hope not).  It was a great Survivor season, with all sorts of nonsense abounding, so the reunion show should be pretty fun.  I'll be here throughout the hour, giving my live thoughts. 

So, that was an awful big surprise.  Parvati did play a great game, but I really expected Amanda to win it.

Jeff Probst has a silly haircut.  Not a fan.

Parvati says that she wanted to play a under-the-radar game at the beginning, until Penner caleld her out as a threat.  She says her biggest move was bringing Natalie and Alexis in to her alliance. 

Amanda holds the record number of days on the show.  Both of her original alliances made it to the end.  But, no wins.  She says it is difficult going back to real life.  She has serious trust issues.  She says that it really suck not to have won either season.

Cirie says she thinks about that last immunity challenge every single night.  She says not winning that challenge was the only mistake she made in the game.  She says that with certain people, she knew that the manipulation would work.  Mostly, she's talking about Erik. 

Natalie says that since she came out on the show as a beeyotch she has some haters on the street.  She says that she had to play under-the-radar, but when she had to, she came out as the force that she became. 

Next, we get a montage of the blindsides this season.

Ozzy says he did absolutely consider playing that idol.  He reiterates again that trusting Parvati was his downfall. He says that he and Parv are fine now.  Relationship healed.  Jason has had a lot of sleepless nights since not playing his idol.  He still has the idol. 

Jonathan Penner says that the favorites had a huge advantage going into the game.  Yau-Man says that the downside to being a favorite is that they have a scouting report, if you will.

We see a montage of Erik and his naivety and his Survivor fandom.  There's not much he can say about his dumb, dumb play.  He didn't expect the social part of this game. 

James thanks Erik for his dumb move.  He hands over the imaginary "dumbest Survivor ever" crown.

Next, we look at some of the lowlights of the season, mostly the injuries.  Penner says his leg is fine, it's still sore, and he'll have a big scar, but he'll be OK.  James' finger is all right.  A lot of therapy, antibiotics, but he'll be fine as well.  He tells a story about working in the cemetary, making people feel good - at a funeral, he was told by a grieving daughter that her mother loved James' abs.  She asked James to take his shirt off for a picture.  And he did.  Oh, James, you're the best - he says that his dad is loving it and that there are blogs about him.

Kathleen speaks but I don't listen.

Ozzy and Amanda are still together.

Mary Sartain is engaged to Ryan from Pearl Islands - he popped the question three days after their first date.  That seems rash. 

When we come back, they're going to award the $100,000 Sprint prize to America's favorite Survivor.  Let's hope James wins that.

The top 3 vote getters for Sprint player of the season are Amanda, Ozzy and James.  One will win 100 large.

The winner is James!  Yes!!!!!  Everyone loves the grave digger.  He can't believe it.  I'm going to miss him.

Jeff Probst hates Jonny Fairplay, and he's not ashamed to let that be known.  I love it.

We look at Joel dragging Chet around the challenge.  Good times.  Joel has a school boy crew cut these days. 

Mikey Bortone's mom passed away last month, and he talks about it a little bit.  He seems to be doing all right. 

Next, we're going to find out where next season of Survivor is taking place!

Survivor 17 will take place in...Gabon, Africa.  Awesome.  It's on the west coast of equitorial Africa.  They have surfing hippos.  Need I say more?  There will be 18 players and it will be shot in HD.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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