Survivor: Micronesia - Finale Live Thoughts
Cirie Fields, Parvati Shallow, Natalie Bolton and Amanda Kimmel.  One of those four women are going to win Survivor: Micronesia.  Throughout the season, the ladies proved once and for all that brains are more important than brawn.  While the men were indescribably dumb at times during the Survivor season, you still have to bow down to the women - their level of manipulation has been astounding.  The good cop/bad cop routine earlier this week that sent Erik over the edge was a sight to behold.  Tonight, Survivor hits us up with its two-hour finale, followed by the one-hour reunion show.  I'll be here all night, keeping up to date on the proceedings.  My prediction for winner: Amanda. 

The finale is on, folks.  We being the epic, two-hour occasion with a long recap, narrated wonderfully by Jeff Probst.  Seeing Erik's blunder once more, it really is insane that he would fall for such a thing. 

Hope everyone has had a nice Mother's Day, and ready for some Survivor.  I am rooting for Cirie, then Amanda, the Parvati and against Natalie. 

The women celebrate after Erik's insane mistake at tribal council.  Parv points out that this was 4 blindsides in a row.  That's freaking nuts.

Day 37, Dabu.  Time for the women to turn on each other.  They have to, right.  Well, the obvious move would for the favorites to gang up on Natalie.  But, Natalie will not go quietly into the night. 

There's Parvati, monkey-climbing a tree to get coconuts.  They keep talking about how awesome girls are, and how much the stupid boys suck.  Whatever.  Natalie is so happy where she is - she's going to change her attitude in real life because of this.  Or whatever - I'm not sure how this applies.  Natalie, under no circumstances, can win the final tribal vote. 

Immediately, they are sent tree mail.  It looks like they're heading straight to an immunity challenge, which means that it's probably going to be a final two tribal council in the end. 

Immunity challenge time.  The ladies start on a twenty foot perch, on a pole in the water.  They have to use a bucket and a rope to drop water down a bamboo shaft.  The water raises keys up from the water. When they get their keys, they have to open chests that contain ladder rungs.  Then, they assemble the ladder, climb it and unfurl a banner. 

Parvati and Natalie get big leads, but Amanda catches up quickly and surpasses them on the ladder.  But, she messes up on one of the rungs.

Doesn't matter, though.  Amanda wins immunity. 

Amanda, post-win, is feeling pretty damn good.  She thinks that she's played a much better game than she did last season.  Natalie isn't going to give up.  There's some hope - Cirie is a threat to Amanda and Parvati. They may just keep Natalie around. 

Tribal council time.  Probst gives the ladies props for their joint performance in the last tribal council.  It would be smart for Amanda and Parv to vote out Cirie here, which makes me think that's going to happen.

By a vote of three to one, Natalie is voted out.  That was easy.

After tribal, Cirie and Amanda get into an argument.  At tribal, Cirie said she was on the bottom rung of every single alliance.  Amanda is offended that Cirie brought it up during tribal.  They make up immediately.  Amanda is super emotional. 

They talk about how there's no way there will be a final two.  Which probably means there will be a final two.  It's only 45 minutes into the episode.  The ladies set Gloria, the final chicken, free.  The chicken won't leave camp. 

It's a final two!  The three women have to paddle out to Exile Island for the final immunity challenge.  First, they will honor their fallen brethren.  Amanda is crying, emotional.  I'm happy to go back to a final two. 

Time for the ritual honoring of the fallen tribesmen.  It's always corny. 

Man, this is taking forever.

All right, finally back to some action.  FINAL IMMUNITY CHALLENGE!

Amanda, Parvati and Cirie have to balance a metal ball on a piece of wood.  Every five minutes, two pieces of wood are added to either side of the wood.  They hold on to handles at either end.  If the ball drops, you're out.  Nerve-wracking stuff. 

In the third round, Parvati drops her ball - down to Cirie and Amanda.  Cirie and Amanda make it through four rounds.  The fifth round is the last one - it goes on until someone drops - no time limit. 

Amanda wins.  I'm guessing Cirie is gone. 

Seriously, CBS?  The Great American Dog?

Day 38.  Back at camp.  Amanda hasn't made her mind up, apparently.  She doesn't know who she's going to send home.  Cirie thins she's gone.  Amanda and Parvati are buddy-buddy.  They've been aligned since day 1, and it'd be crazy for Amanda not to take Parvati.  Cirie has a better chance versus Amanda in the final vote than Parvati does. 

Amanda won't tell Parv that she's keeping her.  Regardless of what Amanda does, it's smart to act conflicted.  She's on the brink of tears at tribal.  Possibly acting, but Cirie doesn't think so.  Amanda has been emotional in the last couple days. 

Tribal council time.  One vote will be cast.  It's up to Amanda.  She makes a big scene, crying and what not - the jury isn't totally buying it - and then she casts her vote.

Amanda votes out Cirie.  Amanda and Parvati in the final two.

There's no way Parvati wins this, right?  Maybe if something crazy goes down at the final tribal, if Amanda is called out.  Let's go through the jury.  These are my guesses as to who they'll vote for:

Ozzy: Amanda
James: Amanda
Eliza: Amanda
Jason: Amanda
Alexis: Parvati
Erik: Parvati
Cirie: Parvati

Maybe it'll be closer than I thought.  Eliza, Jason and Alexis are my wild cards.  I feel confident about the other votes. 

Amanda and Parvati have their final picnic/feast as the final tribal approaches.


Here we are.  Opening statements from Amanda and Parv, then the jury inquiries.  Amanda gives her opening statement, says she played a loyal game and is proud of the way she played.  Parvati says she came in with a "flirt" reputation and knew she had to play a different game.  Now, the jury will ask their questions...after the commercial.

Eliza: Says she has no idea she'll vote for.  She doesn't respect Parvati and her non-strategic moves.  She thinks she is mean.  Eliza says that listening to Amanda talks sometimes makes her want to kill herself.  She didn't even ask a question.

Jason: He asks Amanda if she would've told Ozzy about the plan to blindside him if she knew.  She says yes she would.  He asks Parv what her redeeming qualities are.  She said she stayed true to her alliance to the end.

Alexis: She asks Parvati what makes her a good role model.  Parv says that she's outspoken, more independent.  She asks Amanda about her acting, her crying after sending Cirie home.  Amanda says that she was being genuine, not an act.

Natalie: She asks Parv how her flirting resonates in the bedroom.  No one's sure what Natalie means.  She says it gets her what she wants.  Terrible, weird question.  Nat asks Amanda if her glazed over look was a purposeful play.  I don't know what that means either.  Natalie, why so mean?  I hate you a little bit. 

Erik: He says that five or six days ago he would've for sure voted for Amanda - now he's not so sure.  He feels burned.  As he should.  He asks why she ripped apart in front of the jury.  She says that she was just being honest.  Erik tries to get pissed off - he's not good at it. 

James: The finger's a ight.  He says that Parv "fluffed him."  Parvati says "got you, sucka," after being asked for honesty.  She has no regrets, and had to get rid of the boys when she could. 

Cirie: She asks Amanda why Parv deserves the million over her.  Amanda says that Parv made bolder decisions than Cirie.  Cirie asks Parvati to tell the jury why Cirie should be sitting in Parv's spot.  Parvati says that Cirie played a brilliant game, that she has three kids - Parv can't compete with that. 

Ozzy: He says that he's a huge idiot.  He was hurt by what Parvati did to him.  He says he threw away their friendship.  Get off that high horse, Ozzy.  He really lays into her.  He doesn't want to hear Parvati speak.  That was stupid, Ozzy.  He then tells Amanda that he was not playing her.  He's not faking his feelings towards her - he has never had these type of feelings.  He says he started to fall in love wither her.

Well, then.  Maybe Parv has a chance.  Probably not.  The jury casts their votes, then we get a commercial.

Indiana Jones commercial!

A lot of DVR users are going to be pissed off.  The final vote won't be revealed until into the 10 o'clock hour. 

Erik votes for Amanda.  We only see some of the votes. 

Alexis votes for Parvati.

Natalie votes for Parvati.

Ozzy, duh, votes for Amanda. 

Eliza is conflicted and takes forever to write down a name. 

Jeff gets the votes and tells everyone he'll see everyone back in the US for the reading of the votes. 

Jeff doesn't jump in a helicopter anymore.  I miss that. 

And we're live in New York.  Everyone is a little more plump and wearing a ton of makeup.  Amanda and Parv both look good though.

Here are the votes: Parvati, Amanda, Parvati, Amanda, Parvati, Amanda, Parvati,, Parvati.

Parvati Shallow wins Survivor: Micronesia!!!!

Wow, I guess Amanda pissed more people off than I realized.  I still think Amanda deserved the win more, but you can never be sure how it was edited. 

I'll be back later with a recap.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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