Survivor Micronesia: Episode 9, "I'm In Such A Hot Pickle" Live Thoughts
I still don't feel confident that the fans can win on Survivor: Micronesia.  I'd be surprised if any of them made it to that final tribal council.  However, somehow Erik helped get Ami eliminated on the last episode, making it the first time that a favorite has left in favor of a fan.  I believed that Ami had good intentions and felt bad that she left.  It'll be interesting to see who trusts who with the merge coming.  I'll be here the entire hour with live updates so keep refreshing and post your comments, too!

No surprise that Eliza is trying to align herself with Jason.  She doesn't have anyone else.  He told her that he has the idol.  I can't wait to see her face when he shows her the "idol".

Erik is aligned with his man crush, Ozzy, or so he thinks.  I'm sure Ozzy has no loyalty to Erik.  Everybody's setting up an alliance.  Parvati is in a "hot pickle" - she's in an alliance with everybody.  Who does she think she is?  Chilltown from Big Brother All Stars?

Tribes have merged, everyone is hugging.  Later, they'll be stabbing each other in the back.

Uh oh, Alexis is making a move on Ozzy.  Here comes Amanda's claws.  She is NOT thrilled.  Alexis just made herself a target.

Does anyone else besides me ever forget that Natalie is on this show?

Man, Eliza doesn't have ANYBODY in this game except Jason.  I think she's the only person who doesn't have an alliance with Parvati.

Amanda is pissed that Parvati put her in an alliance with Natalie and Alexis without asking her first. 

Jason and Eliza are going to gun for Ozzy if either of them wins immunity.  No surprise there.  I don't think they'll win though.

Tonight's immunity challenge is endurance.  Oh I hate this challenge (because I wouldn't want to do it).  They sit in the water and hold onto the grate while the tide comes in.  Amanda's out.  Parvati and Alexis are out.  Cirie is out.  Natalie is out.  Eliza is out.  All the women have bailed.  Erik is out.  James is out.  Ozzy is out.  Wow.  Jason wins!

Parvati wants to get rid of Eliza but sneaky Eliza overheard the conversation and runs to Jason.  Jason seems like he's going to give Eliza the idol.  WHY would he do that?  Jason, don't be an idiot.  Ha ha he is an idiot because he's going to show her that awful idol.  She's freaked out because that isn't it.  Yeah, NO KIDDING.

Eliza: What are you trying to pull?
Jason: What?
Eliza: That's not the idol.
Jason: It has a face on it.
Eliza: It's not the idol.
Jason: Why do you say that?
Eliza: Because that can't be the idol.
Jason: Why not?
Eliza: Because it's just a stick!
Jason: I know ... you think so?


At tribal council, Alexis kept referring to Eliza in the past tense as if her fate had already been sealed.  Eliza plays the fake idol and announces to everyone that Ozzy has the real idol.  Way to go out with a bang!  Yup, Eliza is out.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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