Survivor Micronesia: Episode 8, "A Lost Puppy Dog" Recap
On tonight’s episode of Survivor, Erik worried that he was in big trouble as the only fan left on the Malakal tribe. The women tried to come together on Airai to form a solid alliance that would take them to the end. Led by Parvati, the plan was to pick off the strong men one by one when they get to the merge. Both tribes received notes saying that they had to choose a member of the opposing tribe to sit out of tonight’s immunity/reward challenge. They two players could not compete and would be sent to Exile Island BUT would receive individual immunity good only for tonight’s tribal council.

At the challenge, Jeff gave the instructions to the tribes. One tribe member at a time has to navigate an obstacle course while members of the opposing tribe try to knock them off. If they fall off, they have to start over. The first tribe to make it across and bag with five flags wins. The winning tribe will have a pizza delivered to their camp while the losing tribe has to go to tribal council. Airai chooses to sit out Ozzy while Malakal chooses Alexis. The two headed off to Exile Island, where Ozzy pretended to search for the hidden immunity idol that he already found. He was delighted to see that someone had already found the fake idol that he left there.  Airai won their fourth immunity challenge in a row, sending Malakal to tribal council yet again.

At the Malakal camp, Erik and Ami openly campaigned against each other to get the other one voted out.  Cirie and Amanda had quite a dilemma on their hands since they don't trust either one.  They worry that Erik will get together with Natalie, Alexis, and Jason at the merge and also worry that Ami will team back up with Eliza and the women fans at the merge.  Erik runs to Ozzy, telling him that Ami is gunning for him, and it seems that he has successfully turned all of Malakal against her.  Not so fast, though.  Amanda and Ozzy disagree about who they should vote out.  In the end, they choose to send Ami home, feeling that she would not be loyal to them later in the game.

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- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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