Survivor Micronesia: Episode 8, "A Lost Puppy Dog" Live Thoughts
Okay, I've had to wait two weeks for a new episode of Survivor.  I'm pretty sure that all the quitters are gone.  Hopefully, now we can just focus and have a good game goin' on.  Tonight, I hear that the women band together to start getting rid of the men on one tribe.  Yeah, it's the smartest thing you'll do, women.  As I said last week, the chances of a woman winning against a man that she aligned herself with all season is slim to none.  I don't want to see Ozzy go but if I was playing the game, I would.

Erik is scared (as he should be) since he is the only fan left on his tribe.  Pray for that merge, Mr. Ice Cream Scooper, pray.

Ami and Cirie chase some crabs down in the woods and kill them, horror movie style.  Hey, a girl's gotta eat.

Let the brutal killing continue.  Jason just ended a rat's life with the oar from the boat.  Mmmmm... dinner.

I think James is so funny.  He should have his own show.  If Parvati and James were smart, they'd throw the immunity challenge to get rid of Natalie or Alexis.  It seems Parvati is trying to cut a deal on her own with the ladies.  I can't tell if she's being sincere or not.

Airai gets to choose someone to sit a Malakal tribe member to sit out the immunity challenge.  That player has to go to Exile Island but gets individual immunity only good for tonight.  That's a big decision.  Malakal gets the same note.

Ozzy and Alexis are chosen for immunity.  Malakal originally chose James then changed their mind.  Winning tribe gets pizza and beer.  Losing tribe gets tribal council. 

Game was tied 4-4 when Erik literally JUMPED stomach first onto the platform.  That looked like it hurt.

Airai wins.  Again.  What is that about?  Ozzy's safe, though, so he's not going anywhere.  No pizza for Malakal though.

Ha ha Ozzy is pretending to look for the idol with Alexis.  He can barely contain his goofy grin when he sees that someone found his (terrible) fake idol.

Erik is making a play to get rid of Ami.  If he pulls this off, I will be quite impressed.  Ami overheard him and now, it's an all out war.  Erik goes to his man crush Ozzy to get his advice and feedback about tonight's tribal council.

Ami is in tears at tribal council, fighting for her life and fighting to stay in the game.  She wants everyone to believe her but they don't seem that they do.  She's making a really good case.

Here are the votes: Ami.  Erik.  Ami.  Ami.  She's out.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image courtesy of CBS)