Survivor Micronesia: Episode 5, "He's A Ball of Goo!" Recap
On tonight’s episode of Survivor, some tribe members started to get sick of each other and dreamed of switching teams. The timing couldn’t have been better! When the players showed up for their reward challenge, Jeff informed them that they would be choosing new buffs and mixes up the tribes. Ozzy and Natalie become team captains and they proceed to do a school yard pick. Ozzy’s Malakal tribe now consists of Joel, Amanda, Erik, Ami, Tracy, Cirie, and Chet. Natalie’s Airai tribe is made up of James, Alexis, Jonathan, Jason, Parvati, Kathy, and Eliza.

In tonight’s challenge, tribes will be divided into pairs. From opposite ends of the course, one pair will chase the other, attempting to grab a flag. Each flag is worth a point. The first tribe to score 3 points – wins. The winning tribe will get a “get to know you” barbecue, something everybody wants. There was also no Exile Island tonight. The battle was tough, with contestants suffering several injuries along the way, but Airai pulls off the win.

The Malakal camp was in much better shape than the Airai camp but then again, the first was built by players who really know the game. Airai built their shelter so close to the water that when the tide came in, it put out the fire for the barbecue and soaked everything around it. All celebrations were put on hold when the medics were called in to look at Jonathan’s knee, which had been punctured in the reward challenge. They stitched it up right there at camp and went on their way. Amanda surprised everyone on the Malakal tribe when she caught a shark, ensuring them a great meal before their next challenge.

For the immunity challenge, four tribe members had to throw rocks at ceramic tiles to release a bag containing puzzle pieces. The remaining players would put together with the help of a caller, who stood above them on a tower. Jonathan got frustrated when two of his tiles wouldn’t break to release the puzzle pieces. Probst assures him that everybody has the same exact materials to work with, telling him to quit complaining and keep playing. Airai wins their second challenge of the night, sending Malakal to tribal council.

Back at camp, Joel looked to get rid of Chet, feeling that the tribe could not thrive if they kept their weak players around.  Cirie, catching wind of the plan, runs to Tracy and Chet with the plan to get rid of Joel.  At tribal council, Cirie's plan was successful and Malakal voted Joel out of the game.  Tomorrow, he'll talk to BuddyTV in an exclusive interview.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image courtesy of CBS)