Survivor Micronesia: Episode 5, "He's A Ball of Goo!" Live Thoughts
Tonight's episode of Survivor should be very interesting.  Probst is going to switch the tribes up meaning fans will not be on the same team as favorites.  Unfortunately, we don't know the new tribe compositions just yet but a CBS commercial showed us Joel and Ozzy on the same team.  I can't wait to see who starts selling their alliances up the river for a little security in the game.  It's time for a new episode with live updates throughout the hour here on BuddyTV.  Keep refreshing and post your thoughts, too!

Erik doesn't want to be on his tribe.  Well, good timing, Erik.  Things are about to change.

The favorites have decided to eat protein.  If eggs have protein and chicken has protein, doesn't it make sense to keep the chickens around to lay eggs so that you have more food in the long run?

Boy, well it didn't take long for Ozzy to tell his alliance that he has the idol, huh?  He might have wanted to wait since they're all about to be split up.

Time for the tribe switch.  Ozzy and Natalie are captains.  Natalie took James, no surprise.  Ozzy took "Troy" - er, Joel.  But he kept calling him Troy, which was funny.  James takes Alexis.  Joel chooses Amanda.  How happy is Ozzy right now?  Alexis brings Jonathan to her tribe.  Amanda picks Erik.  Jonathan chooses Jason.  Erik calls Ami's name.  Jason takes Parvati - and James gets his woman, too.  Ami chooses Tracy.  Parvati wants Kathy.  Tracy chooses Cirie and Kathy gets Eliza.  Chet is left all alone, joins Malakal by default.

For the challenge, tribes (in pairs) have to chase each other around and try to grab flags.  Winners get a barbecue.  That looks good to ME and I just ate!

Let it be known that Ozzy and Erik together are going to be a force to be reckoned with.  Wow, Chet is being dragged across the course for the last point.  Thanks to Chet, Malakal loses.

Those on the Malakal tribe definitely got the better camp and they've got the chickens.  At least they won't go hungry.  Then again, the remaining members of Airai are lucky to have the favorites on their team since they have experience in the game and building a better camp.

Airai's barbecue feast was just put out when the tide came in.  Idiots put their stuff too close to the water.  Pshh, rookies.

Medics just came in to look at Jonathan's knee and stitched it up right there.  It was like a scene out of Grey's Anatomy!

Joel and Ozzy are plotting to get rid of Chet, then Cirie and Tracy.  Everybody's turning on each other.  Now it's a game of Survivor.

Woah, Amanda caught a shark.  Okay wait.  Not really.  She FOUND a shark which happened to be in her net.  Oh she knows how to turn Ozzy on, though, doesn't she?  You wrestle that shark, Amanda. 

Immunity challenge.  Boy, Survivor really likes when players break ceramic tiles, don't they?  This challenge involves breaking stuff and doing puzzles.

That argument between Penner and Probst about the tiles is one of the funniest things I've ever seen/heard.  I laughed out loud and am so in love with Probst as a host.  Airai wins - Malakal is going to tribal council.

Joel wants to get rid of Chet, calling him a "ball of goo", hence the name of the episode.

This is why I love Cirie.  Just when it seemed that Chet was done, Cirie stepped in to sway Ozzy and Amanda to get rid of Joel instead.

At tribal council, Erik votes for Chet.  Tracy and Chet vote for Joel.  The rest remain shrouded in mystery.  Joel just got voted out and the look on Erik's face says it all: "I am so dead."

Tomorrow, Joel will talk to BuddyTV in an exclusive interview.  Don't miss it!

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image courtesy of CBS)