Survivor Micronesia: Episode 2, "The Sounds of Jungle Love" Live Thoughts
I still haven't recovered from the fact that Fairplay basically voted himself out of Survivor: Micronesia but I've also got to move on.  There are bigger things to worry about - like Survivor showmances.  Is it really wise to make your romance known to everyone so early in the game?  We'll find out tonight as Ozzy and Amanda GET IT ON in Palau!  Parvati also has her hands all over James, showing that she hasn't learned much since Cook Islands.  Time for a new episode with some live thoughts so keep refreshing and post your comments!

Kathy is annoying everybody over at the fans camp.  She's not doing anything at camp and neither are Tracy or Chet. 

Ozzy's workin' Amanda at Malakal while James and Parvati get close, too.  Amanda just said she doesn't want it to screw up her game but I think it's really going to affect her.

HA!  Tracy, Chet, and Kathy made their own shelter.  Is it smart to alienate yourself from the rest of your tribe?  Is anyone playing a smart game tonight?

Ariai showmance alert: Mikey B and Mary. 

What did I say?  Showmancers are going to become a target.  Cirie and Jonathan are already looking for ways to break up the Favorites couples.

Immunity challenge.  Fans sit out Kathy.  Big surprise.  Winners get fishing gear and boat and the power to send someone to Exile Island.  Yeah, you heard me.  Exile Island is back.  It's a swimming challenge and Ozzy is dominating.  Again, big surprise.  Favorites are ahead.  Chet just bellyflopped - pretty funny.

Why is everyone's boobs hanging out?  Do you want to look sexy or do you want to win a million dollars?  Buy a sports swimsuit, for goodness sake!

Yau-Man on the puzzle.  Uh oh fans, you're in trouble.  Yep, favorites win. 

Ok so favorites send Kathy to Exile, all proud of themselves.  Then, Jeff tells them they have to send one of their own to go.  Cirie sort of volunteers and heads off for a night with Kathy.  They immediately start searching for the idol and the clues lead them all over the freakin' place.

Alright, let me vent for a sec here.  Our lovely writer Oscar tried to play it up like Tracy was going to be some big threat in the game.  He convinced ME that I should consider her to be a strong player.  She's a big target right now and probably won't be lasting long since she's alienated herself from the younger players.  If she goes home soon, I'm never listening to Oscar again!   Ok, done venting.  Chet is also on the chopping block but nobody's surprised at that.

Joel's trying to turn things around and take out Mikey or Mary.  Kathy doesn't want to argue with that so it seems her little alliance is on board.

At tribal, Mary is blindsided and voted out of the game.  She'll talk to BuddyTV tomorrow.  Don't miss out on hearing what she has to say.

P.S.  The look on Mikey B's face at tribal is priceless.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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