Survivor: Micronesia - Episode 13 "If it Smells Like a Rat, Give it Cheese" Live Thoughts
It should be very simple tonight on Survivor: Micronesia - if Erik Reichenbach doesn't win the immunity challenge he will be voted off.  The four remaining women (Amanda Kimmel, Natalie Bolton, Parvati Shallow, and Cirie Fields) have made it clear that they are going for an all-lady alliance.  If they stay true, then Erik is in trouble.  One thing to watch for early in tonight's Survivor episode is whether there's any backlash from Amanda's glorious use of the hidden immunity idol.  Natalie might be upset, but she'd be smart just to go with the flow and jump on board the all-lady train.  I'll be here throughout tonight's Survivor episode giving my live thoughts as the episode moves along.

Man, I wish they would've gotten rid of Natalie instead of Alexis. 

Cirie thinks Amanda put her through the ringer, but she's not upset about it.  Nor should be.  Erik and Natalie talk - they don't think it makes any sense for anybody to take Amanda to tribal council.  Erik is also pissed that Amanda called him out at tribal council. 

So, there will be another immunity idol at Exile Island and tonight will be the last chance to use it for anybody.

Amanda feels good with Cirie.  The three lady favorites agree that the reward challenge is important - they don't want Natalie or Erik going to Exile.  Amanda talks to Erik and says that if he takes her on the reward she'll take him.  Everyone is hitting Erik on all sides.  He doesn't know what to think now.

Reward challenge time.  It's a quiz from past seasons of Survivor.  First person to get four questions right wins.  The winner takes a helicopter to a resort - food, luxury spa.  Winner sends one person to Exile, where there for sure is one more hidden idol.

Erik dominates the reward challenge.  He sends Parvati to Exile Island.  He gets to take one person on the reward, and he chooses Amanda, keeping to his deal.

Natalie is really upset - she wanted to go to Exile.  Or, she at least wanted to go the reward.  Weak sauce, Erik.  Cirie rubs it in amusingly. 

The view from the helicopter ride looks awesome.  We watch Erik and Amanda get massages and foot treatments.  At dinner, Erik thinks that he's been in a power position throughout the game.

Parvati is on Exile.  She thinks it's beautiful, and she just hangs out and tans.  She has no real interest in finding the idol.  Count those chickens...

Erik and Amanda return - Natalie is ice cold.  She gives Erik the cold shoulder.  Cirie tries to figure out where Erik's head's at.  Natalie listens to their conversation, secretly.  She hears them talk about how Nat and Amanda are the biggest threats in the final three.

Natalie and Cirie tell Amanda about the Erik conversation - they all appear to be on the same page: Erik should get voted off.

Immunity challenge time.  Each player has to solve three puzzles.  The pieces for all the puzzles are in a big sand pit - they have to find the pieces using rope coordinates.  They have to solve each puzzle in succession.

Erik, once again, dominates the challenge.  He wins in a landslide.

Now, things will get interesting.  Who will the ladies vote off? 

Natalie thinks she's going to go home.  Parvati, Cirie, and Amanda concoct an insane plan - Natalie will go to Erik and try to convince him to give Natalie the immunity idol, and then Erik, Cirie and Natalie will vote off Amanda.  Of course, they really just want to get rid of Erik.

The key to this ruse: Cirie has to convince Erik that the only way she'll vote his way is for him to give Natalie the idol.  This is crazy.  Erik is thinking about it.  Don't do it!

Now, Erik is worried that Parvati found the idol and is going to give it to Amanda, so he wants Cirie and Natalie to vote out Parvati with him. 

Tribal council time. Ozzy is wearing a stupid poncho.

Amanda and Parvati are purposely giving Erik crap, in a big way, at tribal to try and push him into giving the idol to Natalie.  They both accuse him of being totally untrustworthy.  Cirie plays the good cop and says that Erik is capable of redemption.

Erik gives up his immunity idol! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

Erik gets voted off.  Natalie is ridiculously happy.  I can't believe this.  That was the dumbest move in the history of Survivor. CBS shows every vote by the ladies.  Parvati calls him the dumbest player ever.


-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of CBS)