Survivor: Micronesia - Episode 12 "I'm Gonna Fix Her!" Recap
Injury eliminations are the worst.  This Survivor season has been annoying in that way – it kind of bastardizes the entire game when a strong contestant is simply removed from the playing field.  The unfortunate Survivor: Micronesia castaway tonight was grave digger James Clement, whose finger malady was deemed too serious to not be taken care of at a hospital.  James didn't put up much of a fight when told he had to leave – I found this strangely endearing (maybe it was just my James man-crush kicking in).  However, James' departure was not near the biggest story of the episode.  After a full week arguing the merits of the hidden immunity idol, and how difficult it is to play it correctly, Survivor viewers treated to a devastating blindside. 

The night of the last tribal council, the Survivor doctor takes a gander at James' finger.  If it's not better by the morning, she says, they have to take him to a hospital where he'll probably need surgery.  It's a joint issue – there is internal stuff going on (I'm no doctor) and he could have serious joint issues if it's not treated. 

The reward challenge is the family reunion one, and every contestants' loved ones show up.  The contestants are asked to fill out a survey in private about their fellow castaways (i.e. Who talks the most?) and then answer in front of everyone who they think received the most votes for the specific question.  The people who answer correctly get to cut down a rope of one of their fellow castaways.  Each person has three ropes, and whoever has the last one standing wins. 

Alexis wins, and she gets to bring her brother, Cirie and her husband, and Natalie and her mom to Jellyfish Lake, where there are a crap load of jellyfish. She also sends Amanda to Exile Island, because she volunteered to go.  This will turn out to be a bad decision – the hidden immunity has been hidden once more.

Amanda gets to Exile, finds all the clues, but there is a catch – the hidden immunity idol is buried under the tribe flag back at camp. 

The general consensus around camp is that the five ladies are going to vote out the last man, that being Erik.  A lady has to win the immunity challenge for this to happen.  But, it's not to be – Erik wins immunity.  The challenge was simple – the players took turns firing a high-powered rifle at bottles.  Each player had three bottles, first person to shoot all three won. 

So, with Erik safe, the women decide to vote out Amanda.  When Amanda came back to camp she smartly emptied her bag and proved that she didn't have the idol.  Later, she tells Parvati that she knows where it is.  Amanda then goes around and simultaneously makes sure that everyone is voting for her at tribal.  They are.

At tribal council, Amanda plays it off like she's a dead woman walking.  Everyone votes for Amanda except for Parvati and Amanda.  Amanda gleefully plays the hidden idol, to the shock of the tribe and the delight of the jury, and Alexis Jones is voted off.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of CBS)