Survivor: Micronesia - Episode 12 "I'm Gonna Fix Her!" Live Thoughts
I've put up this picture of James, because I believe that the name of the episode is probably a quote from James.  It just sounds like something he would say, probably in Parvati's direction.  Survivor: Micronesia airs its third to last episode of the season tonight, and this makes me sad.  Survivor could go on for six months at a time and I'd be happy.  Also, it is a little bizarre to think that in the span of three episodes, Survivor is going to go from seven castaways to the final tribal council.  There is a very good chance that someone in the next couple episodes will have to leave Survivor due to an injury - the episode previews add to this suspicion.  I'll be here throughout the episode, giving my two cents as the hour rolls along.

The episode starts and medical takes a look at James' injured finger.  It's a bad infection.  If it doesn't look better the next morning, the Australian accented doctor says it needs to go to surgery.  Please, god.  Please don't let the grave digger leave us. 

Is there any doubt that James is a Top 5 Survivor castaway ever? 

James comes back to camp and totally undersells the severity of his injury.  He could have permanent joint damage if it gets worse. 

That same night, Alexis took a bad fall in the dark and hurt her leg.  Her knee is totally sore now. 

The tribe members show up at the reward challenge.  The players have to answer questions about their tribe mates, and whoever gets the question right gets to chop down a rope pertaining to another player.  And, it's the family challenge.  The highlight - James Clement Sr.  I want to hang out with the Clement family.  The winner of today's challenge gets to head to Jellyfish Lake and swim with a bunch of non-stinging jelly fish.  Also, the hidden idol is back in play.

Oh, so the players have to try and answer whose name comes up the most often. 

And, I was right - James says "I'm gonna fix you," after Alexis chops one of James' ropes.

Alexis wins, her and her brother Nate get to choose two people to come with them.  She picks Cirie and Natalie and their loved ones.  Alexis then sends Amanda, who volunteers, to Exile Island. 

James gets his finger checked out after the challenge.  The doctor says his hand is too big of a risk, and he has to go to the hospital.  He says goodbye Parvati, Erik and Amanda.  This sucks.  Damn.

Jellyfish Lake is crazy. 

Amanda is off to Exile, searching for the clue.  She really wants that Idol.  She finds the final clue - the idol is buried at camp, under the tribe's flag. 

The next morning, Alexis's leg is still hurting bad.  She wants to keep playing.  Not under any circumstances, does she want to go.  Natalie wants Amanda to go. 

Immunity challenge time, yo.  Amanda comes back and is devastated by James' departure.

Everybody takes turns using a high-powered rifle and have to take out three of their own sake bottles.

Erik wins, hitting bottles on all three shots.  A lady will be heading home tonight.

Amanda empties her bag back at camp so everybody thinks she doesn't have the idol.  She later tells Parvati about the idol, where it's hidden, and they try to figure out how to use it.  It seems that everyone wants to vote for Amanda, so this could work out for Amanda and Parvati - they can choose who they want out.  Right now, it's between Natalie and Alexis in their mind. 

Amanda makes sure that everyone is going to vote for her, especially Parv.  We don't see whether she gets the idol before tribal, but I'm betting she does.

Amanda does a great job at tribal making people think that she is come to terms with the fact that she's gone. Now, maybe she didn't find it, but I doubt it. 

Voting time.  Man, this will be awesome if Amanda has the idol. 

Amanda plays the hidden idol - she and the jury are loving it.  Well played, Amanda. 

Alexis is voted off.  That sucks for her, and I'm surprised they didn't vote out Natalie.  But, there you go.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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