Survivor: Micronesia - Episode 11, "I'm Ruthless...and Have a Smile on My Face" Recap
The hidden immunity idol is an important object on Survivor, but not for the reasons you might think.  Oh, yeah, maybe it gives you some power, or some leverage, definitely provides you some game play options.  However, what it does most of all is give the holder a false sense of security.  Every season, the new Survivor castaways come into the game with more knowledge, and ever since Yul Kwon used his hidden immunity idol to become a millionaire, whoever holds the hidden immunity idol has become a massive target.  If I'm on Survivor, I avoid the hidden idol like the plague.  Two weeks in a row, the idol holder has been secretly back-doored.  And, why not?  It makes sense for the rest of the tribe to treat whoever owns the idol like the most dangerous threat imaginable.  Tonight, it was Jason Siska who felt the wrath of idol ownership.

Amanda is upset.  James is upset.  Both were kept in the dark about the plot to eliminate Ozzy.  James is indescribably angry with Parvati and basically disowns her.  Amanda is smarter, and expresses her disappointment, but gets back on the ladies' good side. 

Survivor Auction!  Notable items: James eats some bat soup.  Natalie has to send one person to Exile Island and she chooses Jason.  Natalie also gets a chocolate cake, which she and Parvati and Cirie and Alexis mow down on for exactly one minute. 

Jason, at Exile Island, finds the hidden immunity idol very easily.  Natalie and the girls, back at camp, are working under the assumption that Jason will find the idol.  Natalie concocts a plan.  She will tell Jason immediately when he returns that James is the target and he has no need to worry and, therefore, will not play the idol and everyone can blindside Jason. 

But, first, for that plan to work they need Jason not to win the immunity challenge.  Luckily, he doesn't.  The immunity challenge is a three round affair.  The first round sees all eight players throwing rocks at squares – first four to knock their squares down advance to round 2.  James, Erik, Jason and Amanda advance.  The second round sees the players dig into the sand, find a puzzle, which they have to complete and then use as a device to bring down planks.  Erik and James advance.  In the third round, James and Erik have to use the planks to traverse water using a rope bridge.  Erik wins – and it's his birthday.

Natalie convinces Jason that he doesn't need to use the idol, and he believes him.  At tribal council, Jason is blindsided and voted off.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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