Survivor Micronesia: Episode 10, "I Promise..." Recap
On tonight’s episode of Survivor, the contestants were split into two teams of four for their reward challenge. One person from each team has to swim out in the water and crawl through a net tunnel to a platform. At the platform, they had to study a series of puzzle pieces with Micronesian symbols on it. When they got back to shore, they had to duplicate the order of the pieces as they saw it on the platform. The winners get a trip to an island where they’ll stay overnight and enjoy a feast. One player had to sit out and go to Exile Island. Rough times!

Jason and Natalie were captains for the reward challenge. Jason chooses Ozzy, Erik, and Amanda while Natalie takes James, Parvati, and Alexis. Cirie is the one person who is not picked and immediately had to board a boat for Exile Island. Jason’s team wins reward and gets to go on an amazing trip. On Yap Island, the winning team was treated to a feast as well as a dance performed by the locals. Erik went a little overboard eating and drinking and ended up getting sick that night.

At the immunity challenge, players had to hold onto a bucket above their heads. If their arm dropped, the water would come down on their heads and they would be eliminated. To make things tougher, Jeff kept bringing out food items to tempt them to bow out of the game. Cirie and Erik went out early on for a bowl of candy. Alexis dropped when Jeff hid a bowl of cookies behind his back but because she didn’t say she wanted it before she dropped, she didn’t get it. James and Natalie went out next. Ozzy dropped for 3 donuts. After 5 hours Amanda couldn’t take it anymore and bailed out to go to the bathroom.

Jeff brings out a giant plate of food that everyone can share if either Jason or Parvati drops. Jason agrees to drop only if he receives a guarantee from his tribe that he will not be voted out. One by one, people begin promising that they won’t vote him out but Cirie crosses her fingers. Parvati wins immunity (by default). Back at camp, Ozzy feels that he didn’t guarantee anything and wants to stick to his plan to vote Jason out. Cirie feels that it’s a prime opportunity to get rid of Ozzy because he’ll never see it coming. Cirie was correct and in a shocking tribal council, Ozzy was blindsided and voted out of the game.

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- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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