Survivor Micronesia: Episode 10, "I Promise..." Live Thoughts
I'm still scratching my head over the fact that last week, the Malakal tribe got rid of Eliza in favor of Erik.  There are 4 fans and 5 favorites.  All it takes is one favorite (cough cough, Cirie) to jump ship and give the fans the numbers.  Like many have said, this is still a fans vs. favorites game on some level.  Tonight's episode title intrigues me.  Someone breaks a promise and maybe it surrounds tonight's reward challenge.  Contestants will fight for a feast which means either a team wins or one person wins and picks people to come along.  Prizes like that always end up pissing somebody off.  Hey, I'd wanna eat too!  It's time for a new episode of Survivor and I'll be here all hour with live updates.  Keep refreshing and post your comments, too!

The whole tribe thinks that Jason is an idiot for believing in that idol.  All the viewers do, too!

Reward challenge.  Players are split into two groups of four.  Nine players means one person can't play and has to go to Exile.  That sucks.  Jason and Natalie are captains and they're doing a schoolyard pick.  Cirie doesn't get picked.

Ozzy is an animal in physical challenges.  His team just won.

The village the winning team visited is amazing looking.  Like Erik said, it looks like it's from another time.  However, unlike him, I do not expect a dinosaur to come out of the woods.  This isn't The Flinstones.

Ha ha Erik.  "Damn that betel nut!"  He's puking in front of everyone.  This episode is like, dedicated to Erik.  He's 99% of their interviews.  What's up with that?

Ozzy bragged a little too much back at camp.  Parvati is pissed and complains to the other girls.  James notices that Parvati is getting a little too close to the other women.  You can't play both sides.  Just ask Natalie from Big Brother.

We've seen this immunity challenge before.  Hold your arm up in the air attached to a bucket.  If it drops, the water comes down on you and you're out.  Jeff is tempting everyone.  Cirie and Erik went out for candy.  Alexis got so excited when Jeff had the next plate behind his back that she dropped.  She gets nothing because she didn't say that she wanted it.  Natalie almost passed out and is out.  James lost his focus and is out.  Ozzy dropped for some donuts.  Idiot.  Amanda bailed out to pee. 

Jeff brought out a plate of food that everyone can have if Jason or Parvati drops.  The tribe promises not to vote Jason out if he drops but Cirie crosses her fingers.  Uh oh.  Jason drops.  IDIOT.

Ozzy has no intention of keeping him.  He wants him out.  Cirie wants to get rid of Ozzy.  It'll be interesting to see who goes.  I think it'll be Jason.  I'd be surprised if Parvati jumps ship.  I'd be surprised if Ozzy doesn't know that he's a target and doesn't play the idol.

At tribal, Ozzy doesn't play the idol.  OZZY GOT VOTED OUT!  AHHH!!!!

Cirie deserves to win this game.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image courtesy of CBS)