Survivor: Micronesia - A Plea to Mark Burnett
Chet Welch was voted off of Survivor: Micronesia last night.  This was way overdue.  Chet was another in a long line of older Survivor castaways who brought absolutely nothing to the table.  He was a wet rag, a worthless pile of goo who forced others to change the way they played the game of Survivor, created unfortunate alliances and was the catalyst in three separate surprise eliminations.  It makes me sick that Chet outlasted as many castaways as he did on this season of Survivor.  It didn't have to be this way.  The blame falls squarely on one place and one place only – the CBS/Survivor casting department.

I understand the need to give the older set a chance to compete on Survivor.  That's fine. I also understand the desire to diversify the competition and cast openly gay contestants.  This is also fine.  But, that doesn't mean whoever CBS chooses to represent these two subsets has to be completely worthless.  Casting is, admittedly, an inexact science – the producers won't know what they've got until the contestants actually reach the island and start playing the game.  I guarantee, however, that when season one's Rudy or Yau-Man Chan was chosen to participate on Survivor, the producers knew that they'd be getting something worthwhile.  What the hell could they have been thinking with a person like Chet, who's physically weak, has little discernible personality and isn't noticeably intelligent?

Chet's casting is another piece of evidence that points to CBS's hasty decision to make Survivor: Micronesia a Fans vs. Favorites season instead of another pure All-Stars season.  The Fans might as well have been 10 random people they picked up on the street, blind-folded and dropped off on an island. 

Chet didn't ruin the season – I won't go that far.  Having the Favorites duke it out to the end will be entertaining to watch, and I still think that Jason Siska, Tracy-Hughes Wolf and Alexis Jones could bring something to the table for the Fans, but Chet's presence did greatly influence how the early parts of this season were played.  CBS, this is all on you.  Stop casting worthless, frustrating contestants.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of CBS)