Survivor: Micronesia - A $260 Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich
That better have been the best peanut butter and jelly sandwich ever!  Skippy, not Jif.  On last night's episode of Survivor, Probst brought out the famous food auction for their reward challenge.  It wasn't as fun as it usually is but that's probably because I was forced to watch Erik pay Cirie to lick chocolate off her fingers.  Even as I think about it right now, my stomach turns a little.  Perhaps worse than that, was the bat soup that Natalie had the misfortune of winning.  You watched thinking, "There's no way she's eating that," and you're right.  James, however, had no problem sampling it.  It was literally broth ... and a dead bat.  Worst auction ever!  Enough about food, though.  There were more important things going down on last night's episode - like Parvati's damage control, Natalie's attitude, and Jason's stupidity.

Parvati certainly had a lot of explaining to do on last night's episode, after blindsiding Ozzy at the last tribal council.  James seemed completely done with her while Amanda whined all over the island, "Why didn't you guys just tell meeeee?"  I have to give Parv a little credit, though, because she actually gave James a straight answer when he asked her who she was going to the final three with.  "Girls," she simply responded.  I almost think she'd be safer with the guys.  I think Alexis and Amanda are going to be very strong candidates for the million if the tribe lets them make it to the finish line.

Natalie wins a special award this season of Survivor.  She wins for having the least amount of camera time of any Survivor contestant in the history of Survivor.  Until last night, that is.  Natalie came out with a bang, sending Jason to Exile Island, calling him a "little bitch", and plotting to blindside him at camp.  There have been episodes where I literally forgot that Natalie was even still in this game.  Now, I can't seem to get her voice out of my head.  She seemed to have been playing a quiet game thus far, flying under the radar, and letting others do the dirty work.

Finally ... ugh.  Is there even a POINT to the hidden immunity idol?  Does anybody even PLAY IT?!  I wanted to scream at Jason last night.  How could he have thought that he was not a target?  Everyone knew he'd find the idol which made last night's tribal council the perfect time to blindside him.  With Ozzy, it was sheer arrogance.  With Jason, sheer stupidity.  We are talking about the guy who thought a pointy stick with a happy face was a legit idol.  How about this, Mark Burnett?  Create a new show where the entire point is to find the hidden immunity idol and successfully play it.  Hey, it'll be better than Pirate Master.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image courtesy of CBS)