'Survivor' Joins the HD Revolution
Survivor is a beautifully filmed program.  It has a class that's rare for reality television, and the camera work is often astounding.  The cameramen are famous for being the best of the best, capturing the tribal interactions of the contestants without being overly intrusive. They are so good at documenting “real” moments, that NBC's The Office even hired some of Survivor's old cameramen to get the documentary feel for the comedy just right.  If there's been one complaint regarding the film making of Survivor, it's been CBS's reluctance to go ahead and film the show in high-definition.  That's about to change.  Starting next season, the long-running reality series will be filmed entirely in HD for the first time ever. 

The reason Survivor hadn't yet joined the HD revolution was because of the risks involved with Hi-Def cameras combined with the remoteness of the Survivor locations.  HD cameras couldn't be entirely relied upon, they'd sometimes break, and were generally bigger and more unwieldy than their standard definition brethren.  The technology has improved, however, and now CBS and Survivor will make the leap.

While I'll give CBS the benefit of the doubt regarding their hesitance to use HD cameras up to this point, the network has been notorious for its HD reluctance – their refusal to air every NFL game in HD is infamous among football fans.  The costs are higher, but considering that Survivor, one of the biggest brand names in reality TV, is seemingly one of the last to film in HD, you'd think they could have made the transition sooner. 

This news also brings hope to fans of The Amazing Race.  If Survivor makes the switch, The Amazing Race shouldn't be too far behind.  However, whatever issues arose from filming Survivor in HD, those are doubled when it comes to The Amazing Race.  Not only are the locations exotic, they are ever-changing.  Regardless, this news means that fans should expect to see the Race in HD sooner rather than later.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
Source: The Hollywood Reporter
(Image Courtesy of CBS)