Survivor: Jonny Fairplay Is A Dad!
Congratulations are in order for former Survivor contestant Jonny Fairplay and former America's Next Top Model competitor, Michelle Deighton.  According to, the reality couple welcomed a baby daughter this morning and named her Piper Addison.  Piper was born at 9:34am this morning at Danville Regional Medical Center, weighing in at 6lb 7oz.  Both mom and daughter are reported to be doing very well. 

Fairplay was quoted as saying, "I am so happy, this is crazy! I am a dad, I am about to go and smoke a cigar!"  He first appeared on Survivor: Pearl Islands but returns in the upcoming season for Survivor: Micronesia, better known as Fans vs. Favorites.  The new season of Survivor premieres February 7.

At a recent Survivor press event, Johnny spoke to People magazine about becoming a new father and how it impacted his gameplay in Micronesia.  "It definitely changes the way you go into the game," he said.  "The last time I went in I was playing for me. Now I'm playing for my little girl."   Does this mean a softer Fairplay, one who wouldn't lie about a dead grandmother to get ahead?  Don't bet on it!  "Motivation wise I've got to do the best thing for my little girl, but at the same time I'm still the same scumbag as I was before," he promised.

Fairplay and Deighton have been dating for over two years and met while filming the show Camp Reality in 2005.  The couple recently got engaged, on New Year's Eve just before midnight.  The are planning a wedding this summer. Deighton doesn't seem to be too worried about becoming a parent.  "I think parenthood will be easy," she said.  "I come from a large family, so I grew up babysitting. In the beginning, it will be a big adjustment, but after that, it'll be fine."  Let's hope that Piper takes a little more after her mother and not her troublemaker father.  We don't need a little Fairplay running around in amateur wrestling rings and getting thrown over Danny Bonaduce's shoulder.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
Source: PageSix, People, Danville Register, Michelle Deighton's Official MySpace
(Image courtesy of Gabbeli Photography)