'Survivor: Heroes vs Villains': Why JT and Russell Just Got Screwed
'Survivor: Heroes vs Villains': Why JT and Russell Just Got Screwed
At least JT proved not to be as slimy as Candice makes him out to be. If he really is the black sheep among the Heroes, he would've kept the hidden immunity necklace for himself from the very beginning, using it to his advantage when the merge comes and everything breaks loose. Instead, he decided to pull off what I choose to think is a bold move: give immunity to Russell in exchange for his allegiances once the merge happens.

In theory, it's a really good move. Now, I'm not expecting Russell to be forever grateful to JT--does anybody even stick to their word in Survivor apart from Coach?--but we've seen, time and again, that moves made out of good will can get you far. What JT did may be a leap of faith, but it bought him and the rest of the Heroes much-needed time.

The catch is, their decision was ill-informed. Of course, nobody knows what really is happening at the Villains camp! An all-female alliance? It's far from that--a man, the only man in the tribe, actually runs the show! You wouldn't expect someone who won Survivor before to not account for every possibility before making the move. I mean, what else do you do in camp during all those hours that we don't see on television?

The other thing is, they gave immunity to one of the most notorious players in the show's history: Russell Hantz. Nobody knows what he can do, because Survivor: Samoa hasn't aired by the time they shot Heroes vs Villains. He's the guy who looked for immunity idols like they're food--and actually found them. Of course, there are the things he'd do once he gets those immunity idols. Who else could be least trustworthy?

But Russell also made an ill-informed decision. Still confident that he's got control of the game, he showed the love letter (I'll call it that, yes) to Parvati and Danielle. Yep, those two ladies who started to think twice about their ties last week. I don't know why Russell isn't thinking straight--smitten? overconfident?--but he's making those brash moves again. By this time he should've known that those tactics didn't work in Samoa. No, he still proudly flaunted his gift like it's a talisman that fell from a meteor.

And then he decides to kick Courtney instead of Sandra, not recognizing the difference between someone with a sharp tongue and someone with the force of a battering ram and a sharp tongue. He expected them to be lame ducks, but they battled to the end anyway. There's going to be trouble with Sandra still standing and the merge looming.

Sure, Russell is right when he said that there is no all-girl alliance in the Villains camp. But there are two alliances going up against him. He has the tool to avert one attack, but it will only buy them time. As for JT, well, he's too blinded by his one-tribe mindset that he actually forgot to consider his safety over the tribe's.

Both must keep in mind that their tribemates--Parvati and Amanda, respectively--have lasted a hundred days throughout several seasons of Survivor. That's no mean feat: you don't win the game on being a lame duck alone, with a few exceptions. Twenty seasons in, it's something they should've learned. Oh well. I guess you can get too excited by being in an all-star season...

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