'Survivor: Heroes vs Villains' Reunion Show: Who's the Best Survivor Ever?
'Survivor: Heroes vs Villains' Reunion Show: Who's the Best Survivor Ever?
Every Survivor season--well, except for the first, if I remember correctly--always ends with a reunion show, which gives every contestant of a particular season the chance to clear their names and have some fun. Of course, Heroes vs Villains is no exception... only it's crazy. Because, if we're to believe Jeff Probst, when these castaways are together, it's that crazy every single day.

Sandra was named the winner of the season, making her the first ever person to win Survivor twice. Apart from winning the million dollars, as well as reuniting with her husband (who went home for two weeks just to watch the live finale), she also gets to be called, arguably, the best Survivor player ever... until Russell gets to talk, of course.

At least Russell didn't look as glum as he did during the Samoa reunion show. He was, in fact, a bit punchy, and a bit too confrontational. He wanted to talk so many times, Jeff had a hard time stopping him. Then again, who can stop Russell when he's talking about the best Survivor player ever, especially when almost everybody think it's not him?

"Do you really want me to explain this to you?" he told Jeff. "Social player: no. [Sandra's] slippy and she knows it. Physical game: maybe the worst physical player ever. Strategic game: it never panned out for her. So let's ward her for her failures."

Sandra's argument is simple. "The best ever, yes," she said. "Without question. I go out there and I make it to the end and I win. You can't beat that."

"The problem is the game," Russell threw back. "If she can win the game twice, there is a flaw in the game." His solution: give us, the viewers, a say in who gets to win.

"You will not win! The only people that like you are right there," she answered back, pointing at Russell's family.

Considering that Jeff also explained it--that Survivor is about those 20 people on the Island choosing a winner, among other things--I bet Russell lost this one. Then again, he still won $100,000 after a popular vote from viewers, barely edging out Rupert, the Russell-described "second coming of Christ" himself.

Elsewhere on the reunion show:

"Sandra is extremely logical and her argument makes perfect sense," runner-up Parvati said. "Russell was so hated by the jury that they lumped him into me."

Rob thinks that things would've been much better if he allied with Russell instead of going up against him. And that's perhaps the only compliment he gave. "He doesn't play the game to win," he said. "He plays to make it to the end, and that's where we differ ... if given the opportunity, I'd gladly go back and kick your ass."

Tyson and JT got to defend their "dumb moves" this season. "If it worked out I would've looked like a genius," Tyson said. But he didn't win the poll looking for the dumbest move in Survivor history: JT won it, edging out Tyson, James' going home with two immunity idols in China, Colby choosing Tina in Australia, and Erik giving immunity to Natalie in Micronesia. At least there's a trophy for that ill-advised move. (Sorry for bothering you, Erik.)

It was fun seeing Russell actually kept JT's love letter, though. In plastic! That'd fetch a lot of eBay now...

Colby misses diving! "I had more fun watching this season than playing it," he said. "There was some adventure lost from it. Part was the inability to go into the water. We couldn't explore. I miss free diving in Australia."

James doesn't think he's bitchy this season. "I really was having fun, [but] it didn't seem that way!" he said.

Finally, we got a glimpse of Candice's new wedding ring and of the first ever Survivor baby: Lucia Rose, Rob and Amber's newborn daughter. Also, a tribute to Jenn Lyon, the Survivor: Palau contestant who died early this year.

And that wraps up Survivor: Heroes vs Villains. Well, apart from the occasional television appearance and all our interviews later this week... we'll see you in Nicaragua in the fall!

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