'Survivor: Heroes vs Villains' Recap: The Power of the Pocket-Sized Lie
'Survivor: Heroes vs Villains' Recap: The Power of the Pocket-Sized Lie
I began watching tonight's Survivor: Heroes vs Villains with only two thoughts. One, having two Tribal Councils and at least one hidden immunity idol will literally twist the game. Two, with Colby and Rupert outnumbered, will they last? Both of those thoughts came true--and then some. No, wait, not some. A hell lot more.

Cookies and milk, anyone? But first, the fun stuff: the first of two immunity challenges, another one of those willpower tasks where you have to keep your arm raised for as long as possible in order to win. Fun, because Jeff will tempt the contestants throughout the challenge. It's funny seeing Sandra and Russell drop out just a minute in, without even knowing that Jeff has cookies and milk. Colby drops out for donuts. Danielle, Jerri and Candice drop out for PB&Js, just as they discussed Parvati hanging on.

And she did hang on. She did win this challenge before, right? Rupert also did this challenge before, so it's no surprise they're the last two holding their hands up. The task was extra hard, though, since they're all standing on a small perch. Rupert lost balance and slipped, giving Parvati the win. And then, he thought, he was going home.

Worse than Johnny Fairplay: That's how Rupert describes Russell--and it does make sense. "I think he is a deceitful person," he said. "My only hope is to show the Villains that disgusting side and ask them, truly, 'do they wanna be involved with that?'" Nobody was having it, more so Russell, who derisively called him "the second coming of Christ" before throwing an F-bomb.

But after the first immunity challenge, Rupert got himself a little break. Jeff promised a twist, and it turned out to be a clue to another hidden immunity idol, which he read out aloud. Sandra found that idol ("I can't believe I finally found something") and decided to keep quiet about it. Rupert, sensing that the idol has been retrieved, decided to find a huge rock and slip it in his pocket, the bulge enough for Russell to spot.

Yes, Russell bit the bait, and thinking Rupert has the idol, plans to split the vote between him and Colby so the idol gets flushed out. But Jerri's got other plans: she wants Candice out immediately, thinking that if she flipped that easily to the Villains, she can flip just as easily back to the Heroes. Colby didn't get any votes, Russell got three, and Candice got the boot. Rupert just had to fake pulling out his fake idol.

The fake blind side: The second immunity challenge was pretty simple: solve a table maze, then climb a wall with four pegs, then solve a slide puzzle, to win immunity. Russell won that easily--Rupert surprisingly put up a fight, though--but it wasn't an easy ride for him.

His plan, again, is to flush the fake idol out of Rupert. But after his failed plan during the last vote, he had to regain control of the game--and he's worried about Danielle and Parvati's closeness. So he proceeds to play the two girls: Danielle thinks Parvati's out for her, and vice versa. But Parvati wants to ask Danielle despite Russell's objections, and all the worms went out of the can. But they can't vote Russell out, so they've got no other choice but to stick with the game plan and get Rupert out.

The actual blind side: The second Tribal Council went really, really crazy. Despite Danielle's efforts to show the happy family that is the Yin Yang tribe, Russell's stories came out. He claims she went to him with the plan against Parvati--the opposite actually happened, with Russell telling Danielle his made-up story, and now he's claiming to be testing her. "I haven't said anything to be disloyal to him," she later said. "I don't know why he's testing me." And then she breaks down in tears, before hinting that she's closer to Parvati than he thinks.

That break in the main Villains alliance proved to be another advantage for Rupert. He still got three votes--and he still faked pulling out his rock--but he and Colby went for Danielle. Russell obviously went for her too, planning to force Parvati in a corner. Jerri, who was asked not to change her vote as everything collapsed, eventually did, and gave Danielle her walking papers. "I have absolutely no idea what just happened, but with this vote, I'm sealing my fate," she said. And she probably did.

So here's where we stand. The Heroes are still alive thanks to a rock. Russell's lost whatever control he has left of his alliance. Sandra--she who (for now) holds the hidden immunity idol--has kept quiet all throughout. Oh, and Candice and Danielle, two castaways who looked like they're in a strong position, went home. Yes, things did get crazy. And the same goes for next week's episode, when Russell ends up aligning with the Heroes...

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