'Survivor: Heroes vs Villains' Recap: One's Injured, Another Goes Home
'Survivor: Heroes vs Villains' Recap: One's Injured, Another Goes Home
I honestly do not know how to start my recap for this week's Survivor: Heroes vs Villains. I could start by talking about the vote resting on the hands of one person last week. I could talk about the circumstances leading to that. Or I can vote about what is perhaps the oddest reward in the show's history. Regardless, I still have a recap to do, so... here's your recap!

Dragon Slayer chi: I wouldn't be surprised if Coach releases a meditating DVD after this season. "My own special form of meditation and movement," he proudly says to his students--err, the rest of the Villains tribe--as they do the motions to focus on the next challenge.

Well, not everybody. Russell was not with the pack, choosing to look for the hidden immunity idol. "I've been digging at this thing for two days straight," he said. And, in that very spot he was digging in, he found the idol, nestled against the tree.

Knee going rogue: The reward challenge is the schmergenbrawl from Samoa, the same one that got Ben kicked out for being too rough. And it is a rough challenge: there's a lot of grappling for three balls, two points and a chocolate getaway. Yes, kids, what is perhaps the oddest reward on the show ever: a trip to some underground lake with chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cupcakes, chocolate milk and chocolate bars for food.

Anyway. Rough, right. Jerri smashed her forehead in a pole, thanks to Rupert, although he denied doing it. Thankfully she was just dazed; there wasn't any blood, even. The more serious injury was James': he had a bad fall and found himself with... something. Even the medics don't get it. He isn't in pain, there's no fracture, but he's having difficulty walking. That probably contributed to the Villains win.

Chocolate deals: "I have never eaten this much chocolate in my entire life," Jerri said. It is a lot of chocolate. Imagine a huge picnic table full of chocolate. "I'm feeling a mix of chocolate euphoria and chocolate sickness."

While everyone's having fun, Russell gets to work, telling his beloved (can't resist, sorry) Parvati that he has the hidden immunity idol. Surprisingly, he also told Coach about it, figuring he needs the numbers. There was some honor-tinged royal routine ("knight me!") but Russell insists he's tops. Ahh, classic Russell.

Back at the Heroes camp, Amanda's worried that James wouldn't be coming back. It's taking him longer, as JT somehow gleefully pointed out. Luckily for them, James returned, albeit with boarding on his leg, and the usual difficulty walking. Cue cheesy "you're back!" montage.

Beaten in almost everything: The immunity challenge sees all but one member of each tribe blindfolded, as they go their way through a field looking for ten puzzle pieces. There's one caller--that'd be Jerri and James--who'll do all the instructing. Once all ten are collected, the blinders are off, and the puzzle is on.

It's a pretty close match, but James' wonderful (if not funny) calling gave the Heroes a headstart. They got to the puzzle first... but, like in the very first immunity challenge, the Villains caught up, overtook them, and won the challenge. The blues' feelings can be summed up by what Colby said: "damn it!"

The swing vote gets swinging: Here's the set-up: Since James is injured, Candice figured he's dead weight and he should go. But James thinks Tom should go. He basically blamed him for their dismal performance at the challenge.

Lines were drawn pretty quickly: Rupert and Amanda are going with James, while Tom and Colby go with Candice--anything that'll keep them safe. With three on each side, the ball falls on JT again, much like last week when he voted Cirie out. Him talking with everybody in the tribe is making Colby jittery. "If he's making deals with everyone, I guarantee that'll come back to haunt him," he said, forgetting that two nights ago he was calling him a hero.

Pointing fingers, as usual: Tribal Council was, well, the usual. James hints at his "one voice" theory again and blames Tom for the loss. Candice floats her plan to eliminate James. Tom says James is just a "loyal vote". Amanda defends her "big brother". Tom blames JT for being a swing vote. These guys are self-destructing, I'm not surprised Coach will give them the very first copies of his DVD.

Still, JT's vote proved critical: Tom got five votes and was booted out of camp. The other vote? From Candice, who decided to take the risk and give James more worth than Tom. I am left in a daze.

Survivor: Heroes vs Villains returns on March 24 with Russell butting heads with Rob. They also need Coach's meditation DVD.

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