'Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains' Randy Bailey: The Exit Interview
'Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains' Randy Bailey: The Exit Interview
Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains, and by all appearences he stayed out of trouble. Unfortunately, sometimes that's not enough to ensure your longevity in the South Seas.

Last night on Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains, Randy Bailey became the first villain voted off the island. Sadder still, I felt like we never really got to see the Randy we know and love. 

Randy ran into an eyelash batting, hip wiggling machine named Parvati, who appeared to have Russell wrapped around her little finger like so much fools gold. There's no shame in losing to Parvati, who may be the best Survivor player I've ever seen, if not necessarily the most creative. I'm just sorry we didn't get to see more than a glimpse of Randy's bed head hair and three day stubble!  

During the premiere you stuck your neck out to convince Boston Rob not to bother making fire. In hindsight was that a dumb argument to pick?    

Not at all.  Based on 19 seasons, I was right.  I just picked the wrong season. [Laughs] I believe I can quote Tom Westman from his Palua season where he said "Everyone knows it is a losing battle."

[Editor: I believe what Tom said was, "Everyone knows that making fire is a loser job, man."]

What was your luxury item from home?   

A VooDoo doll. 

Russell appeared to have a flirtatious relationship with Parvati. Did he keep his marriage a secret?  

It was obvious to everyone about  Parvati.

What did he tell people that he did for a living?    

You know I could not care less what someone does for a living.  If he did tell us I do not remember.  I judge others in the game by what they do in the game.   

What did the tribe believe had happened to the machete? 

The extra clips on CBS.com clearly show that many think I was responsible.  I thought it was just misplaced.  The light bulb went on for me watching the premier of Survivor: Samoa. Excellent move on Russell's part to get more screen time.

Was the tribe divided into long term alliances? Who ultimately made the decision to send you home instead of Parvati?    

Rob, Russell and Sandra I feel made the difference.  Sandra wanted to keep another winner in the game.  Russell was protecting his alliance, so I really don't blame either one of them for looking after their own interests.  Rob is another story.  He did not have the balls to stand up to Russell.  I hold Rob resposible.

-Interview conducted by Henry Jenkins
(Image courtesy of CBS)