'Survivor: Heroes vs Villains': Quack, Colby, Quack
'Survivor: Heroes vs Villains': Quack, Colby, Quack
Wasn't it just a few weeks ago when we were all writing off Colby's chances of survival? There was him virtually checking out of the game before the merge, and way before that, there was his alliance with Tom, one that put him at odds with everyone in the Heroes tribe and put his neck on the line for so long. Now, he's one of two Heroes remaining--a slightly unsurprising minority that has held on despite continued attacks from the Villains.

Then again, Colby was just lucky to have gotten here. He got a reprieve after the whole issue with Tom. He got another reprieve when James' medical issues came to the forefront. He got a break when the Villains started fumbling, and even if he wasn't the Colby we saw back in Australia, he still managed to mosey along as the merge happened, and all hell broke loose. And to top it all off, he's proud of how he's played the game. "Are you?" he rhetorically asked Candice as he issued his vote against her.

Right now, he's still floating. Among the remaining Heroes he's the lame duck: at least Rupert, who's taken a more confrontational stance against Russell, will go down fighting. All I've seen him do is consult some people but not move to the front lines. While he relaxes--preferable on a bed, with a bowl of popcorn, watching Treasure Island--Russell miscalculated how an immunity idol in someone's pockets looked like, Sandra was keeping mum, and Danielle was slowly being drained of her energy.

Or maybe that is what Colby's doing: keep quiet, and stay away from trouble. But maybe he's miscalculating the whole thing again. A rock in Rupert's pocket can only bring them so far. They're still a minority. The Villains are fighting but it's pretty easy to fake a peace (they've done in again and again) and come together to kick one of them out. He may not be the first one to get hit, but once Rupert goes he goes too.

Also, there seems to be no chance of anybody from the Villains side flipping to the Heroes. Sandra seems to have all but given up, since the group she's flipping to has been decimated. Jerri, the only castaway who has great potential in being a swing vote, seems to have sat herself squarely behind Russell, realizing that jumping now won't do her any good.

Unfortunately for Colby, he's still got some work to do. Sure, Russell is falling down--his move last night might be the last straw for the Villains, still bent on voting as one--but that, ironically, still puts him as a formidable opponent. He may flip sides to regain leverage but we all know where that ends. At least Rupert can slug it out. Colby? Better return to Treasure Island...

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