'Survivor: Heroes vs Villains' Preview: Still, Nobody Is Safe
'Survivor: Heroes vs Villains' Preview: Still, Nobody Is Safe
We've got two episodes left for this season of Survivor, and the remaining castaways are scrambling like never before.

Nobody seems to be on top, really. I did put Rupert on top of my power rankings this week but, as I write this preview, I've had second thoughts. Maybe Parvati, since she's still on the dominant side and can decimate the Heroes one by one? Maybe Russell, since he's moving sides right now after the big mess than he made in the last two Tribal Councils? Heck, maybe it could be Colby. Maybe his plan to pretend that he's not as capable as he was is working really, really, really well.
The only thing certain: nobody is safe. There have been too many big moves over the past few weeks that really guessing who's going home is going to be a pain in the butt. So, I say, better just sit back and be amazed at what the last two episodes hold.

On tonight's episode, the final six teams get a chance to meet their loved ones, but only through a challenge--which is going to be quite a hard-fought one, we're promised. But meeting the family could be a distraction, especially with sides still changing within Yin Yang. We all know Russell plans to moving to Rupert and Colby's side to save his ass. I wonder if that'll hold. Will he betray, or will he betrayed? Or is it all for naught?

Survivor: Heroes vs Villains returns tonight from 8pm on CBS.

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