'Survivor: Heroes vs Villains' Preview: Not Another Hidden Immunity Idol?
'Survivor: Heroes vs Villains' Preview: Not Another Hidden Immunity Idol?
The merge definitely screwed some people over--and led a couple of others into the light. But it's a merged tribe already. The Heroes may be languishing, and the Villains may have the upper hand, but anything can happen. In an instant, one might say goodbye to his chances of winning a million dollars.

Tonight's Survivor is one of those instances. Snap! Tribal Council sends someone home. Snap! Another Tribal Council sends someone home. Yes, in tonight's episode there'll be two votes, and when you're caught unaware with the breakneck pace of developments, the best you could do is think of a quick plan and stick to it.

Tonight definitely sees that happening. One of the remaining Heroes will make a pretty big move, by pulling off this long con in order to save himself. Now, if you're thinking it could be Rupert or Colby, I'm not forgetting Candice--she's now in a position to pull off a lie to save herself. But what do I know?

Also tonight, a crack finally shows up in the already uneasy Villains alliance, and two of them will be literally pitted against each other. Russell and Parvati? That's an easy guess.

With two going home and old alliances proving either underdeveloped or dead, the best hope is... another hidden immunity idol. Well, that's the clue the official press release for tonight's Survivor provides. I just wish we'd have none of that green man anymore. The show returns tonight from 8pm on CBS.

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