'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains' Season Premiere Preview
'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains' Season Premiere Preview
It's quite obvious that the episode title for tonight's season premiere came from the Dragon Slayer himself, Coach.

And that seems to be the very theme of tonight's episode. It's Survivor: Heroes vs Villains. It's twenty previous contestants--ten known for their integrity, ten for their deviousness--returning to Samoa for one more shot and, definitely, one hell of a good time. It's the show's 20th season, on its 10th year, and it's bound to be good. So good, in fact, that tonight's season premiere stretches for two hours.

It's going to be interesting seeing how these contestants work now. They're putting the good guys and the bad guys together, but surely it isn't going to be good versus evil. Some of the bad guys will aim to be heroes this time around. Some of the good guys will end up becoming the antagonists. All of them will do everything to win the million dollars, and the title of Sole Survivor, perhaps for the second time. Hello, Parvati.

But they have to survive their very first challenge first. You've seen the promos: it's so freaking physical. And you thought last season's tasks were hard? Last time in Samoa, we had two contestants pass out, but that's in two separate challenges. This time, it's two contestants in one challenge. And their injuries sound so bad it could send them home on the very first outing.

Broken toe? Dislocated shoulder? Not on the first day, no. Survivor: Heroes vs Villains premieres tonight from 8pm on CBS.

(Image courtesy of CBS)