'Survivor: Heroes vs Villains': One Voice, All Right
'Survivor: Heroes vs Villains': One Voice, All Right
It's slightly funny seeing James finally get his "one voice" wish on Survivor: Heroes vs Villains last night. I mean, you can't get any better than being you tribe's sole caller in the immunity challenge--the only guy who can see where everybody is going! Nothing beats being in power and being omnipresent!

That and one more thing: he somehow helped orchestrate Tom's elimination. Somehow, because he only floated the idea and let things roll from there. Sure, he argued that Tom was throwing the Heroes into confusion during the challenges--in my term, the voice of dissent--and isn't helping them live another day. But the plan wouldn't have succeeded if not for everybody else buying him logic.

To the tribe's credit, they actually had one voice today: the decision to vote Tom out was a fairly decisive one. The only votes against James were from Tom (obviously) and Colby, the BFFs who relied on each other as their tribemates gave them slushee facials. Candice, who originally floated the idea of eliminating "dead weight" like James, was soon flipped. And JT, this season's swing voter, decided the verdict again like last week.

You might as well call that one voice "JT's voice". He is playing a different ball game this year than last year. He's become more aggressive and more outright. In fact, remembering his game play from Survivor: Tocantins, I didn't realize that he was already gaining control of the game: all I remember is me liking him, and the next thing I knew, he's got a grip on everything. His talk-to-everyone strategy may ruffle a few feathers, but that guarantees he actually has the last say in almost everything.

Colby said that JT's game plan will come back to haunt him. Sure, it will. There's no guaranteeing that sticking with your strategy will give you the million dollars--that's something he certainly knows, after getting so close yet so far in Survivor: The Australian Outback. But by the time the merge happens he'll do it all over again and he could get farther than initially thought.

And I'm sure Colby also knows that he has to participate in these conversations soon. With the Heroes clearly splintered, JT is the only person who has the ability to reach out to them. Unless Colby determines that holding his ground and being the new voice of dissent is the best strategy, he's better off caving in for now, else he risks elimination--and, the way things look after last night, he will be the next to go.

Unless, of course, JT decides to take James' "one voice" philosophy to a whole new level and actually start winning challenges for the Heroes. With three extra days, you can solidify your lead and give your tribemates a false sense of security.

So much for just wanting to win the challenges and gaining the rewards, huh, James?

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