'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains': Not So Fast, Russell
'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains': Not So Fast, Russell
Is it too early to say that King Russell is back?  Yes.

Going into next week's episode, Russell still finds himself outnumbered five to three. Five players still want him gone, and none of their names are Shambo, Danger Dave, Screwy, Dewey or Louie.  

Quite the opposite, Boston Rob, Coach, Jerri, Courtney and Sandra are five exceptionally strong strategists who have pulled off plenty of coups in their day. Russell has the momentum. But who doesn't remember the momentum Boston Rob built up in stopping Lex's dominance in All Stars?

Russell got rid of that Idol faster than Simon Cowell dumped Paige Miles, but he did nothing to remove the target on his back. Instead he has simply ensured that if he doesn't find the newly-replaced Idol he will be faced with the same situation next time, and without the same escape plan.

You do have to give Russell credit, though.  Tyson took a strategy that was guarunteed to work and made it fail. Sure, in his confessional Tyson made it sound like his own idea to vote for Parvati along with Russell. But since Parvati would have gone home with or without Tyson's vote, there was no reason for him to switch.     

King Hantz must have planted a Russell Seed in his brain that sprouted branches out his ears.  Nicely played, Russell. Just don't assume this means you have the game wrapped up. That's all.

Over on the Heroes side, we learned two things about James.

First, he really did believe his own lines last week when he said he could outrun Tom with a bum leg. Nobody puts their skills to the test if they believe they will lose. The fact that James got demolished by just shows how delusional James was being.

Second: His anger issues are triggered by competition. As soon as James knew he was going home he turned into his old self - that guy we used to like.

It's a shame we didn't see more of Banana Etiquette James all season.  The guy we got instead was a bit overly ripe, spotted and mushy for my taste.

-Henry Jenkins, BuddyTV Columnist
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